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7 comments | Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Get ready for Divine Digital's December Charity Event, "Stand Up & CARE! - THE GIRL EFFECT"

CARE.org has a project going right now called "The Girl Effect" which poses the question that if we just made an investment in ONE girl - we could make a difference! We are doing a kit in tandem with the GIRL EFFECT PROJECT for CARE.org

Divine Charity EVENT Thread:


Check out the events for CARE, including the blog party and charity mega kit!

I haven't put many new things in my store the past week or two, but I do have a special product I really would like you to consider purchasing since all the proceeds go towards helping my friend, Laura White, aka designer Princess Lala, and her "Operation Save Christmas." Here is what I am donating, so please consider helping me help my friend give her family a wonderful Christmas this year:

People always say that "charity begins at home." Well, this vintage "Santa Sack" is my way of helping out a member of my family here at Divine Digial, Princess Lala. So please, purchase this sack of CU Vintage Products--16 vintage elements total---and the entire $6 you pay will go to Laura's "Operation Save Christmas." Here's the scoop on "Operation Save Christmas...."

To help Laura out even more, consider purchasing her store (an incredible value from an incredibly talented designer):

Now....here are a few new things in my store you might want to put on your Santa list.....and note the sale I have running right now:
This is the ultimate gift you can give yourself for Christmas this year----25 CU products for $25!!!!

Since mostly all my CU products are $3, put 25 of them in your cart at Divine Digital and use this coupon code to get them for $1--that is a savings of $50!


This coupon expires January 1st. Make sure you are logged in and that the coupon code is placed in the box at the bottom of your shopping cart page (not the gift certficate box on the checkout page). Also, make sure your total shows up as being $75 or more since that is how the coupon is set up--$50 off a $75 order. So you can purchase items more than $3 with this coupon, but remember that the order total must be $75 before the coupon discount.
Link to my store:

I have a new product, a set of texture overlays (I haven't had a new set of those in a long time!) and I have a commercial use freebie to go with my new "Riding Rough Texture Overlays Set One." I will be putting this set of overlays in my store tomorrow....along with (I hope another couple sets)...

Remember, this is Commercial Use Okay, so designers have at it! But please, send friends here to download (don't share the link) and say hi when you download! Click on the image to download...

And here is a glimpse of the full set....

Did you notice my new preview? I have been working on this for awhile and I finally got it to where I was satisifed. So let me know what you think.....!!!!!

And finally, some new photos of the boys and what we've been up to. Henry had his first trip to a real barber and that was a fun event, although he didn't like it too much. And a bunch of fun xmas snapshots (none are touched up so excuse the poor levels and lighting!)....

Check back tomorrow for perhaps another CU freebie!


Blogger HeatherG said...

I have tons of your kits (love the vintage stuff, especially). Just bought the HUGE Santa's vintage sack. Thanks for the freebie, too! Wish there was an easy way to track what I have already bought form you as you keep posting some great deals. :-0)

10:56 PM

Blogger Digi Free said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 16 Dec [LA 10:05pm] - 17 Dec [NY 01:05am, UK 06:05am, OZ 05:05pm] ).

4:17 AM

Anonymous MarthaElaine said...

Very interesting freebie! Thank you very much! Best wishes for a great holiday season!

9:55 AM

Blogger lynner4 said...

thanks for the freebie. I was moved by you help to a fellow designer. CANNOT believe someone felt the need to tell you it was tacky. Tacky is when you don't know when to KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT!
Let it slide off your back, trolls are just not worth the energy...

7:00 PM

Blogger Mary said...

hi Cyndi
Thanks for the freebie. Everybody needs a helping hand now & again, there's nothing wrong with charity. Some people haven't experienced their time of need yet, though & they resent what is given to others because in their eyes, they want it given to them.

7:09 PM

Blogger jsgus said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful freebies! I am a new fan of your designs! :) And I think your operation save Christmas is wonderful, not tacky in any way! :)

8:26 PM

Blogger Sandy said...

Cyndi, to say I am shocked that some jealous DA would leave such comments is an understatement! DO NOT let her change in any way your giving nature! Her opinion is not worth it, and you know what they say about opinions........they're like a certain body part....everyone has one!

Thanks so much for another of your wonderful freebies!

10:38 PM


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