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10 comments | Friday, October 24, 2008

Well, it has been a LONG week. Both my boys caught "hand, foot and mouth disease" and let me tell you it is as bad as it sounds. Not eating, not drinking and just plain crankiness has overwhelmed my household and it continues.....so that is why I'm posting two "Hook and Ladder" blog freebies, Day 21 and 24, instead of just one. I'm late for everything....feeling like a character in Alice and Wonderland!

Not much time to chat as I have two sick kids that are running around cranky and ready for bed....so click on the images to get to the downloads and remember, if you download say hello, personal use only and send friends here--don't share the download link.....

And here is the portion you can download at Divine Digital today only (or what is left of today!) IN THIS THREAD

The new charity kit at Divine Digital, "Passionately PINK!" is on sale now! Go now and get it, it is fabulous and it is PINK, PINK, PINK!!! This fantastic mega kit is HUGE and right now is on sale for $5 with all proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen foundation. So click on the image to get to the kit in the store where you can see all the previews up close and snag it before the price goes up:

Also, today is my friend Rebecca's birthday so can you head on over to her blog and wish her your best? She is having a fantastic sale on quicpage albums (including some made with my designs!), too! Check it out...click on the image to get to her blog:

And before I leave to tackle bathing my boys, here are some Passionately Pink Blog Party goodies that are created by some Divine Digital designers.....go get them and say thanks when you do! Theses designers went above and beyond what was asked of them! Not all are listed...I only had time to grab a few pictures and links. You can find info on ALL the blog party blogs in this thread at Divine Digital: http://www.divinedigital.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8099

Click on the images to get to the blogs..

Okay, that's all for this post. I'll be back on Monday with another post and Monday is also my birthday so save some PayPal money this weekend because you won't want to miss my birthday special!


Anonymous Lainey said...

Hi Cyndi! Thanks for the wonderful freebies. I'm so sorry to hear that the boys are sick...Hugs, Lainey

10:14 PM

Blogger sheila said...

Thank you so much for your Hook and Ladder goodies, especially the extras! Those papers are HOT!!!!!!!
Here's hoping the boys are feeling MUCH better VERY soon!

11:19 PM

Anonymous Sharon-shutterbug said...

Poor boys - be good to them, it's no fun being sick and miserable! And be good to you too - it's also no fun taking care of kids who are sick and miserable, LOL! My 2yos had a fever for 3 days this week, so I feel for ya!
Thanks much for taking some of your precious time and sharing goodies with us!

11:28 PM

Blogger Cathy said...

Thanks for the great goodies. Hope the boys don't spread their infection to the rest of your household. Good luck.

9:51 AM

Anonymous wvsandy said...

So sorry to hear that the boys are so sick! Hope that you can hang in there and keep your spirits up. Thanks for all of the extra goodies that you have for us and for all of the great prices that you offer.

Here is a link to a Halloween BragBook that I made with a lot of your overlays. Hope you enjoy it.

11:06 AM

Blogger Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Sorry to hear about your son's!!!!
Hope they feel better real soon!!!!!
TY so very much for both of todays FAB extras!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for always giving above and beyond! I hope your boys get well soon!

3:39 PM

Blogger Stash Empress said...

Thanks for both addons. Hope the kids are better --- that's no fun!

10:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, and I REALLY hope your boys are feeling better!

11:33 PM

Blogger twoboyz00 said...

I'm so sorry your boys have been sick - no fun. My son and I caught HF&M when he was a baby - really not fun. Hope they are feeling better soon! Thanks so much for the latest Hook and Ladder pieces!

11:02 AM


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