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3 comments | Sunday, September 30, 2007

It was a beautiful, sunny Autumn day and I had the chance to get out and take some photos of my world---rural Pennsylvania. I had the rare treat of photographing some little Amish boys today. Since these boys have not been baptised yet, they allow pictures if you ask them and they say "yes." So I pulled the van over, put on my nicest smile and asked. I had a nice chat with them and they loved meeting my son, Sam, and showing him their horses, buggies and bikes. They also liked checking out my minivan (they wanted to meet my younger son, Henry, and he was asleep in the van) and seeing the pictures on the back of my camera that I took. The little girls nearby were too shy---perhaps next Sunday, as I promised "Calvin" I would come back and bring him a photograph that I took of him :)

Here are a few of my favorite photos from today:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved seeing your Sunday pictures posted! PA has some of the most beautiful farmland I have ever seen and we love to take the 7 hour drive at least once a year to visit the area. A few years ago in early October, I was vacationing in Bird-In-Hand. It was a Saturay that was just sunny and glorious. I happened upon a group of Amish boys who had gathered early for a fishing derby. I stopped by car and got out to speak with them. The boys were curious about my camera and definitely not shy. When I asked if I could take their pictures, the lead boy told me I could if I gave him $1. Oh, how that made me chuckle. I think someone had some candy on his mind... Within a few minutes, several sisters appear and started talking quickly; I could tell that they were admonishing their brothers but at the same time they were smilng at me. But I had the same experience where the boys were all for taking the pics while the girls did not want any part of the picture taking. It made me wonder about how the effect of technology, tourists and the lure of money will affect this generation of Amish. Will they be able to maintain their tight community as past generations have or will temptations lure them away? Your pictures are wonderful and really capture the friendships that these children share - and I love your horse and buggy pictures too!

1:02 AM

Anonymous Diana D said...

I love your Sunday Photos. You have a real talent with your photography. The picture of Calvin is wonderful. And you caught the sparkle and mischievousness in the little boys on the fence. Make me wish I had been there. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

4:12 PM

Anonymous Susi said...

I love your photos too...looks like a part of PA that my folks and family live it...Thank you for the fun scrap freebies too....very nice ...
:-) Susi

1:13 PM


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