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4 comments | Sunday, September 02, 2007

Wow, I was overwhelmed with the support I received to yesterday's post. I really did not put it there to start a pity party! I was just mad and wanted my customers to know that I stand by my products. So this morning I am happy because I read all the nice things people had to say about me and my work. Thank you, it meant the world to me!

So, instead of designing in my free time yesterday when my sitter was here, I made some layouts since I hadn't scrapped my boys in a long time. Here are two layouts I liked:

And today we are cleaning and painting at my house so I won't have time to scrap :( I still have so many photos to scrap from the summer!

Have a great Labor Day and thanks again for the support,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hadn't been by for a few days so just saw your post. I buy your stuff - the stuff that isn't my taste I don't buy no matter who the designer. I didn't see the other person's comment post but it is sad when people don't realize that just because they have the ability to say something doesn't mean it should be said. With freedom comes responsibility and obviously they were not being responsible. Don't let it bug you - not worth your time!(((hugs)))

3:00 PM

Anonymous Lainey said...

Hi, Cyndi! I just dropped in to see how things are going. What a crock of crap!! Those folks are full of themselves. Your stuff rocks. I love that each kit you design has unique elements. Keep on keeping on.
Big {{cyber}} Hugs!!!

4:43 PM

Anonymous Angela (UK) said...

lovely layouts!

Sorry that you've had some "hate mail". If you havn't seen August's RAKFile yet, then pick it up - got lots of nice things said about you and your work in iT!

5:47 AM

Blogger absolutartist1 said...

Wow! Love that 2nd LO! Great job, Cyndi! :)

4:44 PM


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