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1 comments | Thursday, September 06, 2007

If any of you are trying to download my freebies on this blog or the "Equinox" mini-kit that I have in the Digital's competition, please know that as of 9:25 am EST 4shared, where I host my links, is down. Try later on as I'm sure enough people will complain and they'll get it back up!

Thanks to everyone who came to my chat last night. Sorry I had to leave so abruptly but my little one was SCREAMING and I couldn't stand hearing it anymore. DH was sleeping so soundly he didn't hear him and I had to go rescue to the teething baby from his misery and dose him with a bottle and tylenol.

Stop back Friday for a freebie,



Blogger SAHM said...

Cyndi - 4shared is back up - or was a few moments ago. I saw, I voted, I left comments - so thanks much. :-)

2:05 PM


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