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12 comments | Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The freebie for this week (part one today, part two Friday) requires some explanation and I guess a sort of announcement. I was entered in the Digital's designer competition and did well in the first round with my little "Equinox" mini-kit. However, I withdrew from the competition because I made the decision to go back to being an exclusive designer with Divine Digital. Here is why:

1. Each store I was in required different methods of uploading products, previewing products, etc. This took more time than I had originally thought. When it comes down to it, time is something I don't have a lot of and what extra time I have needs to be time with my family.

2. Divine Digital is like home to me. They were the first boutique to take me on and I've gotten so much support there I feel like just planting roots and watching things grow, especially now that they are doing a total site redo and a lot of great things are happening! I'm going to branch out a little and sell some stock photos, mainly nature and texture photos for designers. And as soon as all the tweeks have been worked out (I still can't upload anything in the galleries or add new products!) I'll be going full steam ahead starting with my participation in the October Download A Day free kit, "Harvest" that I did with Mandy and Sharia, two of my fellow designers at Divine. They were so great to work with and Sharia, well all I can say is that she is one organized woman! She introduced me to "wiki" and now I am hooked!

So, today's freebie is made up of the boy paperpack I had made for Round 2 of the Digitals designer competition and solids to go with the patterned papers. Also, I need to note here that I used some brushes from EERIE SILENCE @ Deviant Art (thanks EERIE these were great) on these papers and I want to give her credit. Since they were never intended for sale, just for my art/aka freebies, I used her brushes which I don't often get to use since they are not for commercial use.

Another exciting thing I have to announce is my new website with Creative Memories. I am really excited to be able to help people get digital with their CM's "StoryBook Creator Plus" software, which creates individual digital scrapbook pages and StoryBooks. While most of the people I have met and admire in the digital scrapbook world use Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, as a designer I realize that there are so many people out there that are intimidated by these software programs and would probably scrap digitally if a user friendly software that was affordable hit the market. Well, this is it folks. I have it, I've used it and it is easy, straight forward and a perfect gift to give to someone you love who wants to digital scrap but is limited by software costs and/or confidence. With this software they can do it. Start with the free download which is just for making the StoryBooks so you can feel your way around the software and see how user friendly it is. Then, if you like it, and one to take it to the next level, purchase the "StoryBook Creator Plus Software" and the Memory Manager 2.0.

Here is my website if you want to check all the new digital stuff out---make sure you check out the new PicFolio Max 12x12 albums, perfect for your printed digital pages regardless of what software you use:

Here is my code in case you download the free StoryBook software and want to give it a whirl:
CM ID: 73737835
And here is the link to the page where you can learn more about the software and download the free version. And sign up in the Creative Memories Photo Center and get twenty free prints when you enter my id upon registering!
I hope some of my blogging buddies take the time to check it out---think holiday gifts for teens who you don't want to share your precious Photoshop or PSP with for digital scrapping!

Okay, so I will be back Friday with part 2 of the "Little Dude" paper pack for you. For today's download, click on the image. Remember, personal use only, please don't share my download links--send them here, and if you like my stuff let me know, or if you hate my stuff let me know, too.


Anonymous Lea said...

that's great news
they made a mistake and wrote cynthia instead of cindy wetmiller

thanks for the freebie ;)

8:42 PM

Anonymous Lainey said...

Welcome home, girlfriend! WTG! Can't wait to see your stuff in the dad at DD!!! Hugs! Lainey

8:56 PM

Anonymous crlin said...

Love the papers! Thank you! Love your photos - they are beautiful!!!

9:27 PM

Blogger Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at digifree.blogspot.com

5:22 AM

Blogger Yin said...

Beautiful papers, thank you! And it's really interesting what you've shown us about the different softwares and that photo book site, thanks

9:10 AM

Blogger absolutartist1 said...

I was wondering where your round and/or 3 entries were! Well, their loss is our gain! TY for the cute papers!

I'll look forward to seeing the elements if you got those done as well!

12:57 PM

Blogger Victoria Wilbeck said...

Welcome back! I am happy to hear that all is well. I was worried!!

I loved, loved, loved your Equinox minikit (especially the trees) and was surprised that you were not in the next round. Now we know why!

Thank you for sharing yet another gift with us. I love the colors and look forward to Friday's addition.

Have a good day! ~Victoria

2:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you.

7:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Cyndi! I'm going to hate having you leave Scraphead, as I LOVED working with your designs in particular (I'm on the CT there.) I'll have to keep my eyes open for CT calls at Divine Digital, but this freeie is a great way to keep my feet wet. ;0) Thanks so much and best of luck with everything. Your photography is something I can only aspire to! Cheers.

10:21 PM

Anonymous Nancy P said...

I heard CM was going to do digital but I didn't think it was here yet! Good luck with that project! These papers are wonderful, I have a grandson and I need just this kind of paper! Thank you for this very nice gift!

2:33 AM

Anonymous dodo said...

Love Love them so soft and pretty thank you so much

8:42 PM

Anonymous Anika said...

Thanks a lot for your freebies - I like them!

3:27 PM


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