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8 comments | Monday, May 18, 2009

Lately I have really been digging into the music on my iPod. Whenever I am out in public with my laptop designing or touching up photos or just playing, I always have my iPod on to tune out all the loud talkers on cell phones and those sitting around me. So I began thinking about some of the music that I go back to just about every day to listen to and inspire me. Music that lifts me up, sets my spirit soaring and my creativity climbing towards my goals of being a great photographer and designer. And sometimes, music that just gets me off my backside and into my life in a happier place.

So today, I pose the question to you, my blog readers, "What is the Soundtrack of YOUR Life?" Let's see some playlist layouts! Let's all learn about what music makes each of us uniquely one with this world we live in! I want to see who jives with my playlist and I want to discover some new artists I've yet to meet through all of you guys. I want to learn about the tunes that raise you up and the tunes that make you move faster through this chaotic life we all live.

Music has always been such an important part of my life. I played the flute, studied privately for close to 15 years and at one point in my life I longed to be in a symphony. Another discarded dream. But now I rarely listen to classical music. Don't know why, but I just don't. I sang in the Acapella choir in school and in church choirs all my life and can harmonize with the best of them. But I don't sing in a choir anymore, just in the shower and car (much to the dismay of my two children who think their mommy is nuts behind the wheel). I have such a wide variety of music on my iPod I think that many of my followers would be amazed at how I go from Tori Amos to Bethany Dillon, from Blue Rodeo to Flo Rida, and from Nanci Griffith to John Mayer (that Tweet I love to bother, but I know he just ignores my sarchastic tweets). And that I also listen to Christmas music anytime, no matter if it is the holiday season or not. When I'm sad or in a dark mood Faure's Requiem is what I need. Pie Jesu being my favorite part of the Requiem. And Mozart's Requiem is also on my list of funeral music (that is what I call the music I listen to when death creeps underneath my door). If I'm feeling down on myself, I put on some Steve Earle and I'm up and about in no time, dancing in the kitchen or tapping my flip flops in the coffee house.

So what is your soundtrack? I want to know! Make a playlist on iTunes and share it. Make a layout and share it. Share your soundtrack. Share the music that makes you uniquely you. Share your soul music, your funeral music and your music of joy and happiness. I want to hear it all. I want to learn who you are by listening to what music you jive to when you are happy, sad, creative or just plain normal. Let me have it!!!! And give me one song for every year you've been blessed to be on this earth!

Since I have so many soundtracks, I'm going to call this soundtrack my "Cherry Alley Cafe Soundtrack." The Cherry Alley Cafe is where I spend my time designing when my boys are in preschool. It is a little coffee house in Lewisburg, PA frequented by many people from so many walks of life. It is amazing to have a place you can go 5 days a week and see the comings and goings of the world around you ina new way every day. Every day I see something new, have an "ahhh" moment when I see the elderly couple share a scone or the little children sipping hot chocolate and trying not to spill it. Or the woman who came in one day with tatooed "socks" as I phrase it---her legs were tatooed from toes to knee and she was wearing flip flops. Wish I had my camera that day! Today is the day after Bucknell's graduation so this place is packed with students and their friends, having their last taste of Cherry Alley pancakes together, students with their parents getting ready to head out on the road to wherever their summer takes them. It makes me want to jump for joy because tomorrow I won't have to fight for a table near an outlet!

Without further jibber jabber, here is the "Cherry Alley Cafe Soundtrack of My Life," one song for each year of my life (I'm 42 so be prepared to scroll to get your freebie!):

1. "Don't Leave" by Everyday Sunday
2. "Your Body is a Wonderland" by John Mayer
3. "Going, Going Gone" by Robin and Linda Williams
4. "Welcome to My Life" by Melissa Ferrick
5. "Rock n Roll" by Eric Hutchinson
6. "Part of Me, Part of You" by the Finn Brothers
7. "Box of Rain" by the Grateful Dead
8. "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" by The Jayhawks
9. "3 Minute Song" by Josh Wilson
10. "We" by Joy Williams
11. "More Beautiful You" by Jonny Diaz
12. "Highest Praise" by Kathleen Carnali
13. "Six O'Clock News" by Kathleen Edwards
14. "All of the Words" by Kutless
15. "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road" by Lucinda Williams
16. "Just Dance" by Lady GaGa & Colby O'Donis
17. "Your Grace is Enough" by Matt Maher
18. "Sing Me Sweet" by Matt Nathanson
19. "You are Everything" by Matthew West
20. "Disturbia" by Rhianna
21. "Basement Apartment" by Sarah Harmer
23. "Waters Gone By" by Shawn Lewis
24. "Guitar Town" by Steve Earle
25. "I'm Looking Through You" Beatles/version by The Wallflowers or Steve Earle
26. "Clarity" by Shawn McDonald
27. "Here Comes Your Man" by the Pixies
28. "Free Fallin" by Tom Petty/version by John Mayer
29. "Hands of the Potter" by Caedmon's Call
30. "Sleeper" by Everday Sunday
31. "Draw Me Nearer" by Meredith Andrews
32. "All Over the World" by Tree63
33. "If I Had a Boat" by Lyle Lovett
34. "Wherever I Go" by Steve Earle
35. "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash
36. "The 21st Time" by Monk & Neagle
37. "Everything's Right" by Matt Wertz
38. "Indianapolis" by The Bottle Rockets
39. "Two" by Ryan Adams
40. "New York New York" by Ryan Adams
41. "Let My Love Open the Door" by Pete Townshend
42. "All I Need" by Bethany Dillon
Long list (I know, I'm old!), and I could go on and on and on because I just love my music. So I'm anxious to learn about your music. Do share! And if you Twitter, follow me (user name is wetfishdesigns) because every Friday while I am designing, usually in the afternoon, I play a lyric game. I tweet lyrics to the songs I am listening to and if you guess the artist and name of the song, you get a $3 coupon for my store! Sound like fun? Well, it is....so follow me and play along on Fridays!

And now I get to share with you another fab brag book made by my scrapping buddy Charlene. This eight page 4x6 brag book was created with my "Boys Just Want to Have FUN!" kit which is on sale right now for $2. Here is the kit and it is linked in case you want to purchase it:

And here are some pages of the brag book with guest appearances by my sons Sam and Henry...three pages are missing to keep you in suspense so you download! Charlene did just a fab job with this brag book so please leave a comment for her when you download it from her 4shared account, okay?

Here is the download link for this fun brag book:


And don't forget that until the end of May we will be featuring 99 CENT CU PRODUCTS in our "Come Walk in Our Shoes" event boutique. I am behind on my shoe pics because Photoshop was giving me mega troubles with scratch disk errors so I need to do some serious shoe scrapping!

This is the latest "shoe" product from me, a set of layer styles that will make you feel like you are at Grandma's house:

And here is a set of 20 Polka Dot layer styles that is so economical it isn't even funny, especially since it is less than a buck!

Pick up these products and more form me, Royanna and Laura in our "Come Walk in Our Shoes" boutique:


And I am taking part in the Download a Day going on right now at Divine Digital. "Flea Market Couture" is an absolutely unique and fun kit that you must pick up each day until the end of the month. And if you are on my email newsletter subscriber list you benefit from getting my add-ons each time I am the featured designer. Not on my list and want to be? Send an email to cyndi@divinedigital.com and I'll add you to the list and send you the download links you missed!

That's it for today! Enjoy the brag book and start creating the soundtrack of your life, okay?




Anonymous Stacy Molter/Kalo Designs said...

Hi Cyndi!

Thank you for the cute brag book pages! I've been needed to do some new one of the boys and you just made my life a bit easier. :)

Happy Scrapping!

12:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea Cyndi. I've never thought about documenting the music that has made an impact on my life. And I'm talking all the way back to Creedance Clearwater Revival. And the Beatles. Not sure if I could do each year, but you have definately got me thinking about periods in my life. Thanks for the idea and the nudge. Oh yeah, love the BB. Thanks.
Another Cindy

5:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Uncategorized post on May. 18, 2009. Thanks again.

8:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 18 May [LA 07:00pm, NY 09:00pm] - 19 May [UK 02:00am, OZ 12:00pm] ).

2:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

6:50 AM

Anonymous Lainey said...

Cyndi, I grew up in the country and the music I like best are those of nature... birds, frogs, streams, rustling grass, etc. Silence is also music to my ears. In a more traditional note, I like Yanni, Enya, and Phil Coulter as well as New Age. When I was younger I used to know every song on the radio and played the guitar. My favorite saying is that I get a lot of requests when I play my guitar but I keep on playing it anyway.

5:42 PM

Blogger Raye said...

I would love to do a soundtrack of my life but I am sooo into music it would take me weeks and I don't have the time. (plus I am 51 LOL)
Great idea anyway !

8:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wondering if the link for the bragbook pages (girls just wanna have fun) will be getting fixed?
These are super duper cute and I would even buy them in your store.

5:10 PM


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