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4 comments | Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well, today is it. "My Earth" is done today and I have really enjoyed making and passing out this kit. I will miss it! But don't worry, I am looking forward to June when I have another chance to participate in the Download a Day with two other designers. And today is also the last day you can snag "In Bloom" for $2. The price goes up at midnight tonight, so grab it while it is on the sale rack! Click on the image to get to the kit in my store:

Here is the freebie for today. Click on the image to download and please leave a comment, share link to this blog with friends and make a great layout!

And here is the download for TODAY ONLY at Divine Digital. Click on the image to get to the download thread in the forum:

And the Divine Digital Birthday Blog Party resumes on Friday, May 2nd---that is in two days! I will have a freebie a day between May 2nd and May 9th. So make sure you party here and at the other designers who are participating. The first day of the blog party I will post links to the other participating designers' blogs. Make sure you are a guest at our blog party by simply showing up each day on our blogs!

The March Mega Kit from the designers at Divine Digital will also go on sale this weekend. It is a fun, colorful birthday kit. I worked on the previews for the elements and I have to say the variety and quality was impressive. Make sure you keep an eye on Divine Digital during the birthday celebration for the release of the kit.

Thanks for helping me celebrate Earth Day all this month. I got wonderful feedback which makes me feel good as a person and as a designer. I hope you make some wonderful layouts with all the downloads from Divine Digital and my blog. Again, my customers are just the best!



4 comments | Monday, April 28, 2008

Well, I missed a day of posting a blog freebie for My Earth. We were visiting relatives yesterday and I meant to do it last night but was too tired and fell asleep. So here it is, a day late:

Click on the image to download and remember the "rules" for the "My Earth" freebie AND this fun quick page I created from "In Bloom", my Divine Diva Deal until Wednesday at midnight. Grab it HERE while you can for $2! Participate in THIS challenge and get another quickpage, shown below.

Here is the kit:

Here is the quickpage freebie:

Click on the image above to download today's "In Bloom" freebie and here is the freebie for the challenge--I hope you can participate!

And here is a "divine" layout one of the Divine members made for the challenge that I think is just so beautiful that I had to share:

And for those who were participating in the Divine Birthday Bash and anxiously awaiting the blog birthday party with lots of freebies to restart, it will begin on Friday, May 2nd! That's this Friday! I'll have a great sampler freebie from a new kit that isn't on sale yet and I'll also have a personal use and commercial use grab bag in the grab bag sale going on throughout the birthday event, from May 2nd to 9th. Lots of freebies on my blog during that week, too, especially on National Scrapbook Day, which is May 3rd. And I plan on hosting some sort of challenge either here on my blog or at Divine. I'll give you the skinny when I know it myself.

Here are some links where you can learn more about National Scrapbooking Day:


National Scrapbook Day Podcast: http://nakedscrapper.com/

NSD events at DigiShop Talk: http://www.digishoptalk.com/thyme/ (scroll through the calendar to get to NSD events)

I hope you have some great fun planned for this great day for us to celebrate scrapbooking, whether digital, hybrid or paper. My fun will be making and giving away freebies on my blog and at Divine Digital!

I will be back Wednesday with my final blog freebie for "My Earth," so make sure you make a note to come on back.



7 comments | Thursday, April 24, 2008

Well, I've got a lot to share today. First, it is Day 24 of "My Earth" and I am up as the designer. Here is the freebie you can download for one day only at Divine Digital in THIS THREAD:

Check the thread again if Day 24 isn't posted yet since they post on West Coast time.

And here is the blog add-on for Day 24---click on the image to download and you know the rules:

And, today I am debuting a new kit for the Divine Diva Deal, "In Bloom." Here is a peak and you can purchase it HERE for $2:

And these are a few of the unique elements that I think are a lot of fun:

I hope you like the new kit and take advantage of the deal during the next week. And make sure you come on back here tomorrow for my Friday Freebie which will be something related to "In Bloom." I haven't created it yet, so any ideas are welcome---leave your idea for the "In Bloom" Friday freebie you want in your comments here or when you download my freebie today at 4shared.

Have a great day,


p.s. Someone posted a comment asking for some new "Angler" elements (see, I read the comments!) and I just want you to know they are on my to do list!!!!

10 comments | Monday, April 21, 2008

Here it is, Day 21. Boy this month went fast!!!! I've had so much fun with this "My Earth" kit that I hate for the month to end. Sadly, I won't get a chance to do the Download a Day at Divine Digital until June. But this week, starting Thursday morning, I have a 'divine' deal for you. I'm not going to give it away just yet (I actually haven't finished the darn thing!) but here is the color swatch I am using and the kit is called "In Bloom":

I like these colors a lot and they are a combo I normally wouldn't put together. But I found this swatch and immediately thought of flowers and spring. Perfect ingredients for a Divine Diva Deal! I'll be sending out an email and posting the previews of the kit here on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on when it is finished.

Now, here is "My Earth" blog freebie for Day 21. Click on the image to download and you know the drill (don't be a pirate is basically the rule):

Today's download is unique in that the two papers in it are made from photographs. I took several photographs and blended them together for one paper, the one with the globe, rocks and grass, and for the other I used a picutre I took of paint peeling on an old mural. The mural was painted on wood and it provided some really cool textures and inspiration. So these two papers are not my usual style and even though they are different, I like them :) and I hope you do, too!

And here is what you can download IN THIS THREAD at Divine Digital for my portion of the Download a Day "My Earth" kit:

See you Thursday with another "My Earth" freebie and also previews and info on "In Bloom," my Divine Diva Deal.

Have a great week,


5 comments | Friday, April 18, 2008

Well, this has been a crazy week. Luckily I prepared all the "My Earth" freebies when I created the Divine downloads, so at least I can save some time today by just posting the freebie and not having to wait for 4shared to upload.

Here is the preview of the freebie, click on the image to download and remember the rules!!

And here is the preview of what you can download in THIS THREAD at Divine Digital today only, so make sure you grab it while it is up!!!

Have a great weekend and if the birthday blog party resumes, I will send out an email with my blog party download dates.



1 comments | Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today is my husband's 39th birthday!!!! So help me and my boys celebrate!!! Put at least $6 in your shopping cart at my store at Divine Digital and you will be $3.90 off your order with this coupon code:

Here is the link to my store!
Have a great day and stop back tomorrow for my next "My Earth" blog freebie!

6 comments | Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today is my day to give out a party favor for the Divine Digital Blog Party!!!! Click on the image below to receive a sampler from a kit I have not yet released! Each day that I am featured, I will post a sampler of a new kit that will be released soon, but the link will only be active for 24 hours! Make sure you don't miss a day of the party!

So, come on by the birthday party tomorrow for another party favor!!!! And the next "My Earth" blog freebie is on the 18th!!!



3 comments | Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Divine Celebration has officially begun!!! Have you been to the party yet? Well, what are you waiting for! Here are some upcoming birthday party events you don't want to miss:

Seven days of freebies on different designers blogs! Including mine starting tomorrow!!!!

Beate aka BeDeSign




Wetfish Designs

You never know when a great birthday freebie party favor will be handed out on a blog, so keep checking the above blogs daily!!!

And here is a preview of the portion of "My Earth" that you will be able to download today at Divine Digital:

The link to download will be up around noon in the April DAD forum, so make sure you don't miss it since it will only be up for 24 hours and then it is gone. And, of course, I have a "My Earth" Day 15 freebie for you. Click on the image to download and remember, personal use only, be nice and say hi when you download and leave the pirates in the movies:

There are still freebies for "My Earth" on my blog for days 3, 6, 9 and 12. I will be removing them tomorrow, so make sure you pick up any freebies for this kit that you missed.
That is it for today. Happy Tax Day and I hope this day brings you some great "returns."

6 comments | Saturday, April 12, 2008

I didn't forget! I'm just posting a little late today. Here is your freebie for "My Earth" Day 12:

Click on the image to download and you know the drill......And don't forget the rest of the "My Earth Day 12" which you can grab over at Divine Digital. Click on the image to get to the download section---link is only up for 24 hours from when it was posted!

Before I go, here is a layout I did of my son, Sam, with photos taken when we were at the beach last month. I used the "My Earth" kit for the entire layout:

And here are two layouts I've done lately, these are from the preschool portraits I have taken:

And here are just some photos of the preschools that I love:

Have a fantastic weekend and I'll be back on April 15th---TAX DAY---with another freebie!



6 comments | Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Today is Day 9 for "My Earth," Divine Digital's Download a Day for the month of April. Since this is my day as the featured designer, that means it is a freebie on my blog today, too! Here you go, click on the image to download and remember, personal use only, don't share the links--send friends here to download:

And here is my portion of "My Earth" that you can download at Divine Digital. Click on the image to get to the thread where you can download it until midnight tonight:

If you didn't pick up my personal use grab bag last weekend, you are in luck! "Lollipop" the full size kit I included in my bag is now the Divine Diva Deal and you can get it for just $2! Click on the image to the kit in my store:

Have a great day and stop back on Saturday for another "My Earth" blog freebie!



5 comments | Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tomorrow is Day 6 and I'm up as the featured designer for "My Earth," the daily free download at Divine Digital. Here is the freebie for tomorrow (Sundays are busy in my house so I wanted to make sure this was posted!):

And here is my personal grab bag revealed:

Lollipop--a full kit

Museum Papers: Set One

Museum Papers: Set Two

And here is my commercial use grab bag:

So tomorrow is the last day to pick up my grab bags, and if you like what has been revealed go and grab your bags:


And don't forget that all this month anything that has a green as one of the primary swatch colors is on sale---prices already reduced, no coupon code required.

Have a great weekend and I'll be back with another freebie on or before Day 9, which is Wednesday.



7 comments | Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I noticed when I logged in to create this post that I hadn't blogged since March 14th. Boy, I'm a bad blogger! But I've been busy, not that it is a sufficient excuse, but I have been. Doing what? Well, aside from my motherly duties and photography business, I've been busy designing for Divine Digital's April Download a Day free kit, "My Earth." I really like this kit and I hope all of you do, too.

Just as I did with the wedding kit back in February, each day that I am the featured designer for the download a day, I will have another add-on "My Earth" freebie here on my blog. Some of my freebies are actually nicer than what I have posted at Divine Digital! I don't plan my freebies but make them as I go along with the whole kit. So what I give out here is not anything more simple or not as good in terms of quality. it truly is part of the whole kit. So I hope you enjoy my little Earth Day party all this month here on my blog!

Now, let's take a look at the kit--some really cool stuff here you musn't miss:

Now, after having to look through all that or scroll past it, here is the freebie for today, Day 3 of "My Earth":

Click on the image to download and remember the rules everyone---don't be a pirate be a friend, leave some love or feedback here, there or anywhere and personal use only.

And now for some promotions.....shameless as it may be, a designer has to do what a designer has to do!

This weekend is the grab bag sale for April at Divine Digital. I will have a personal and commercial use grab bag that are both full of goodies. Here is a glimpse of the previews so you don't miss them when you are shopping there this weekend:

And please, please, please check out and purchase this gorgeous (and HUGE) charity kit that I helped to create that benefits the Ellenor Wiseman Trust Fund:

Purchase it here and click on the link above to learn more about Ellie's fight for health:


Okay, I'll be back on Saturday with another "My Earth" freebie, this time it will be Day 6.

Until then,