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10 comments | Friday, May 30, 2008

Well, a lot of new stuff to show off today. My goal of a new product a day has been working and on some days I actually get more than one product in my store. Thus, this nice long list of products that are new and two freebies snuck in with them. Take a close look at the commercial use products since EVERYTHING COMMERICAL USE IN MY STORE IS HALF OFF THIS WEEKEND!!!!! That's right, absolutely anything and everything that is commercial use has been slashed to 50% off. Some real bargains, especially since all my new CU stuff I added today and will be adding tomorrow or tonight will be included in this sale. So pass the word on and get shopping!!!!

Click on any of the images to get to my store and click on the freebies to download (you know the drill on freebies, can't wait to read your comments!):

I have ended the "Gorilla" sale, so if you find that coupon in your download ignore it. It was for 50% off and since I already reduced all commercial use items 50% off I just ended that coupon.

Have an awesome weekend and don't forget the June Download a Day starts this weekend! I am up on June 3rd and this is what you get from me that day from Divine Digtial---I will keep my blog freebie for that day a secret:

See you Tuesday with my "Daddy's Candy" blog freebie,



4 comments | Monday, May 26, 2008

Well, today is the last freebie from me until the June Download a Day starts next week at Divine Digital. And let me tell you, you are in for a lot of freebies from me in June! For those new to this scenario, every time I do a Download a Day kit with two other designers at Divine Digital I also make "extra" freebies for my blog. So when it is my day and I am the featured designer for the Download a Day kit, you just come on over to my blog and grab some more parts of the kit from me. I enjoy doing it as much as I know you guys enjoy the extras!

So I finally released "In Flight" last night. If you haven't seen it already, take a looksee (click on the image to purchase it in my store---it is only $4 and you get a lot of stuff for the money):

And now I am working on another full size kit that I hope to release today sometime. The papers are done and now I just need to finish the elements and create the previews. It is called "Mystique" and it is all purples and reds but not the kind of kit for the red hat ladies, if you know what I mean (no offfense if you are a red hat lady!). Today's freebie comes from "Mystique" and hope you enjoy it enough to purchase the kit when I release it. Just click on it to download and you know the rest.....

So I have this goal for the month of June, but I started early. I aim to create one new product a day for my store. Realistic? I don't know but I'm going to try. As the boys are getting older I find the need to buy more things for them and do more things. Cash is the necessary ingredient for that so I am hoping my new product a day goal pays off and helps fund some of my summer plans for my boys and family. I have on my list of things to create an add-on for "Angler" since so many people have requested that. I think I might just make a coordinating kit to go with it since my skills and ideas have evolved since I created "Angler." Anyway, the colors will coordinate and the theme, too, but it will be different if you know what I mean....

I enjoyed all the comments left about my "tagging" experience. It seems there are a lot more people like me out there in this world than I thought. I won't tell my husband or he will think the world is being taken over by clutterhounds like me :)

If you are in the US, have a fantastic Memorial Day and I hope the rain stays away from whatever you have planned. I know it is supposed to storm here late this afternoon so we're going to get out while the getting is good.



13 comments | Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tagged? Me? I see it all the time on the blogs of other designers and scrappers, but not until today, or last night, did I get tagged for the first time. Wow, makes me feel popular and wanted :) So, I'm going to follow the rules, which are

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

I was tagged by Denise who left a lovely comment on my blog about my freebie yesterday. I really enjoy reading comments from downloaders, whether they say hi on my blog or when they download at 4shared. So thanks Denise, for leaving a comment, and to all those who "DWJWD" and comment regularly for my freebies and other designers' freebies.

Seven random facts about me: I can't believe people actually would want to know this stuff about me, but here goes:

1. I drink too much diet coke. Can't stand Diet Pepsi. Must be Diet Coke and I prefer Diet Coke with Lime flavor. Can't beat it. Best soda around. And I have to have ice. Lots of ice. This was the hardest thing for me to give up when I was pregnant. Coffee was easy!

2. I am originally from Pittsburgh, but I don't say "yins" "pop" "gumband" (aka rubber band) "crick" (aka creek) "yous guys" "dawn tawn" (aka down town) or "Sliberty" (aka East Liberty). Nor do I have a mullett, frizzed and fried permed hair, drink Iron City Beer and consider Steeler Sundays highly sacred, although I do silently route for them when my husband is watching them.

3. I am 41 going on 42 in the fall and I feel my age very much as I have two young boys, a 3 year old and a 22 month old. I have earned every gray hair on my head, even the ones that are hidden when I remember to color my hair. And I don't color it too often, so I am becoming forgetful in my older years, too. The other day I realized that some of the mother's in my sons preschool are young enough that I could have been their babysitter or worse, their mother. Talk about depressing!!!! I think I found even more gray hair that night.

4. I was asked by someone to be a Mary Kay lady because I am just "perfect" for it. Now where in the world did she get that idea? Was she on drugs and didn't see me? I am the mom who throws on sweats, brushes her teeth and goes out the door with her kids. No make up. No hair primping. Just plain old me. Make up? Only worn for baptisms, special evenings out with hubby and events where someone other than me might have a camera snapping away that might catch me. So I thought that idea of me being a Mary Kay Lady was funny. No riduculous! I couldn't even drive a pink caddy--I like my minivan! I think I have a tube of Chanel lipstick from the 1980s in my make up drawer. I should throw that away.....

5. I have two dogs and three cats. Ernie is a black lab, very fat and her job in life is to eat her food and all the food my boys throw on the floor or give her under the table when they don't think I'm looking. Ernie is a she name Ernestine, but truly she is named for Ernie Els, one of my husband's favorite PGA golfers. Gyro is a german shepard, beautiful and alert. She keeps me and the boys safe and actually poses for photos. She is getting arthritis and can't run as fast as she used to which makes me sad. Our oldest cat is Buc, the name my sons call all cats. He is your average orange tabby male cat. Sophie is my beautiful Maine Coon cat. She is named after Pittsburgh's former mayor, Sophie Maslof because when I went to bring her home she was in a cage in the car and just how this cackling kind of cry and just wouldn't be quiet. That was the way Sophie the mayor was. She had this awful, cackling voice and she never knew when to shut up. So I named my cat Sophie in her honor. I also liked the name. And Homer is a HUGE black and white medium haired cat my husband found on the golf course where he worked. He is about 20 pounds and the most gentle, loving cat I've ever had. He is named for Homer Simpson, although I don't watch the Simpsons but my husband does. And I thought the name was cute. I wanted his name to be Otis but that didn't seem like the name for him.

6. I listen to talk radio when I can convince my boys that we don't always have to play Diego DVDs in the car or on those very rare occasions when I am alone in the car. Liberal or conservative it doesn't matter. I just like listening to people talk about life and hearing the opinions of others about all different subjects. I think it helps shape my opinions because you don't always get the opportunity to hear the other side of things both political and in general. So I think talk radio is very important in our society. Sports talk radio isn't for me, but I like the rest of it, especially Dr. Laura who I don't pick up out here in the country.

7. I am a clutter hound. I save things that should be trashed. Now, some things I save are important but magazines---I just threw away three years of Coastal Living, Creating Keepsakes and Yankee magazine. The garbage bag was so heavy I thought I'd fall down the stairs trying to get it to the garage. So I clutter things up subconciously---my car, my dresser, my closet (which I just spent two hours cleaning and organizing), my kitchen cabinets (I think I have spices in there from ten years ago). Drives my husband nuts. If we ever get divorced it will be because he can't deal with my clutter.....

Now I get to pick seven people to tag---what fun! I pick and you guys get to go learn some crazy weird stuff about them if they decide to participate. Some of these people I know and some I don't but I do read their blog, so it should be interesting to see who participates:

Okay, now back to work. I put up the sixth set of Museum Papers last night. Did you see it? Did you like it? I think the colors remind me of a carnival. Well here it is so go see it and like it or hate it or maybe even buy it...Click on the image to get to the product in my store at Divine Digital.

Today I am going to finally put the finishing touches on "In Flight" and make the previews so I can get it loaded in the store tonight. I had a sampler of "In Flight" as one of my Divine Birthday cupcakes and now the "In Flight" sampler is in the Divine Digital store under designer sampers/freebies. So if you don't have it, you can get it there or just buy the kit when it comes out tonight or tomorrow because what is in the sample will be in the full size kit.

And I'm still working on those previews for the June DAD. Speaking of the June DAD, today's freebie is an overlay that I made to use in the June DAD kit, "Daddy's Candy." Eventually this will be one of six overlays in my "Like a Child" overlay series. I have two sets so far in the store and plan to have more soon. Today's freebie is a commercial use okay freebie, no credit required. But comments would be nice! I hope you like it and find some great paper or element to make with it. So click on the overlay image to get to the download and send your friends here, not to 4shared, to partake in the candy:

Well, that is it for today. I'll be back sometime tomorrow with my fourth and final Memorial Day Weekend freebie.

Until then, best.....


4 comments | Saturday, May 24, 2008

I just got done putting together and loading my newest product, "Museum Papers Collection Five." I have a feeling this series of papers will never end. I like doing paper packs and this series has been fun. I hope you like it. I also got started on the next pack in the series and that is where today's freebie comes from. But first, here is a look at the full paper pack that you got a sample of yesterday as my first Memorial Day Weekend freebie:

And here is the freebie for today. I hope you like it. I love the colors. I know it is kind of bright, but it is fun and boyish in that it isn't pink and doesn't have flowers. So enjoy! Click on the image to download, please leave a comment---I do read all of them and they keep me going! And send friends here and have them sign up for my newsletter (they get a coupon for 50% off if they do!) by sending an email to: cyndi@divinedigital.com

I hope you are having a great Memorial Day Weekend and find time to stop back tomorrow for another freebie.



3 comments | Friday, May 23, 2008

Well, it isn't dark yet so this still counts as a Friday Freebie. Yes, things are still crazy. I am working on the Download a Day at Divine Digital for June and preparing all the previews takes a lot of time. And yes, all throughout the month of June, whenever I am up as the featured Download a Day artist, I will have a coordinating add-on here on my blog, just like I did with "My Earth."

Did you see my tired gorilla? I just thought this was the cutest stock photo, so I made it into my ad for my "don't know when it will end" commercial use sale--I hope you find some good stuff:

I put a lot of new stuff in the shop lately. Have you seen anything? Bought anything? Grabbed one of the freebies? Actually, all the freebies that are up there were first posted here on my blog so for many of you they are not new. However, a lot of people don't visit or know about my blog, so I decided to put them up in the "sampler" section at Divine Digital to draw some new customers. Do you think it will work? We'll see....

Anyway, here are a few new products, including some "value packs" for those customers that are new to Wetfish Designs and either just have one or two things and would like to affordably add some more products, both commercial and personal use. I've been playing around with different preview backgrounds, trying to come up with something I like that will work with all my products, so excuse the jumping back and forth between preview backgrounds. I just can't seem to create something that says "me." I'll keep trying, but I don't want to confuse anyone! Click on the images to get to the product in my boutique:

This I put in the shop this morning....

And I put these in the shop yesterday:

And these a little earlier this week:

Here is the link to my store if you want to check out other things you may have missed when I announced them on DST and other places:


And I have a few more things to upload into my shop tonight, so look for an email if you are on my email list so you get the previews and also the announcements of when and where I post my freebies. Not on the list? Send me an email and I'll add you: cyndi@divinedigital.com

Now, last but certainly not least, is the Friday freebie. This is a trio of papers from my will-be-released-this-weekend paper pack, "Museum Papers: Collection Five." A bit more of a "modern art" museum look than the other papers, but I am having fun creating this set. Click on the image to download. "Museum Papers: Collection Six" will also debut this weekend so be on the lookout for these and more goodies.....and remember, personal use only and say hi if you download!

I'll be back blogging tomorrow with the second our four Memorial Day Weekend freebies, so make sure you put me on your blogging agenda.

Have a great night,


6 comments | Thursday, May 15, 2008

Well, today I was a busy girl. I had tons of commercial use stock photos, texture and otherwise, as well as items from previous commercial use grab bags that I never put in the store on my hard drive and I finally uploaded them to my store. Wow. It was a long day. Between putting everything into the store and dealing my now binky-deprived-hates-his-mommy-three year old who thinks I am the devil's spawn for throwing away his binkies in the trash can at Target, I am spent. So that is why it took until now, right before I settle in for "Grays Anatomy" and "LOST" and "Ugly Betty" to update my blog and post my commercial use freebie.

First, here are the new products. If you are on my email list, I sent you a discount coupon to receive 50% off any commercial use order over $10. You can put as many commercial use items as you want in the cart and as long as the total is over $10 and you do it before Sunday at midnight. Not on the list? Sign up and I'll email you the 50% off coupon code! So if you aren't on my list and want to be, or if you are on the list and want to be taken off the list, send me an email: cyndi@divinedigital.com

Here are today's new goodies--click on the image to get to the product in the store. Some of these products have been in previous grab bags so make sure you don't already have them if you have purchased my commercial use grab bags in the past.

And here are a few products I released earlier this week and the week before:

How is that for a commercial use list? Well, I hope you can find something you like or don't already have. If you are looking for a real bargain, try either or both of the Texture Trios and the Flower Garden as you will get more for the money, especially with the 50% off coupon code.

Last, but certainly not least, is my commercial use freebie for today. This was supposed to be in my "Junkyard Overlays Set One" but I had an even eight and I didn't think nine seemed right for a total number of overlays. So you luck out and get number nine. Click on the funny picture of my son Henry (he likes his camo boots and prefers to wear them without pants) to download (I said I was spent, no time today to make a preview). This is a commercial use freebie so designers have fun and no credit is required. Leave a comment (you know, "DWJWD") and send your scrapping friends here, don't send them to my 4shared link.

I think I will be back tomorrow with a Friday freebie, provided my binkieless three year old doesn't send me to my grave or the psycho ward.



4 comments | Saturday, May 10, 2008

Well, if you got my email for the day then you know I will only have one grab bag this weekend on sale and that is my "Designer Mama" commercial use grab bag. I just couldn't finish the stuff in time to create the other two personal bags like I had hoped. Oh well, you'll see them pop up in my store sometime next week and I'll give you all a discount coupon to go with them.

So, since I didn't have personal use grab bags to put these two new kits that I did finish in, here they are and you can still get them at a discount if you haven't already used your 30% off luvmom coupon code:

This kit is a full size kit, and I called it "For Sam" since my little boy, Sam, helped advise me on everything from what colors to use to what elements to put in it. This kit is all boy, all things that go zoom and all Sam. Click on the image to get to the product in the store:

And the other full size kit I put in the store today, that I hope you will love as much as I do, is "Inch by Inch, Row by Row." This is a colorful, flowering kit that is blooming with color and texture. It is the complete opposite of "For Sam" and I think that is good. Something for the girls and something for the boys. Click on the images to get to the product in my store:

And, since I feel guilty about not having the personal use grab bags for Mother's Day that I promised, here is another quick page I put together using "For Sam." I hope you like it. I'm working on a quick page album using this kit and I hope to release that soon. These two pages will not be in it, so consider them bonuses if you end up purchasing the quick page "For Sam" album! Click on the quickpage to get to the download. Please share a comment here, there or somewhere so I know you got it and don't share the link to the download, share the link to my blog instead (remember, we must do what Jesus would do):

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day either being a mom or being with your Mom, or both. See you next week with some new product releases and a freebie or two.