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8 comments | Friday, July 25, 2008

Just a quick post to share a little something I put together tonight for everyone to help celebrate Christmas in July today, since it is July 25th! It is just a little paper pack with two frames. Nothing big, but I used some of the overlays from my holiday overlays collections to make the papers so now you can see what you can do with them!

Here is the freebie, click on it to download. It is personal use and s4o friendly, and remember to say hi if you download and don't share the link, send friends here to say hi and download:

Click on any of the images to get to the product in my store:

You can get all three sets right now as a "trio" and save big and save even more if you use any of these coupon codes, the first one expires tonight at midnight:

Save $7.25 off any order over $15

Here are some coupon codes that are still active and can be used up until the expiration date that is noted:

Get 40% off all orders over $10 (expires July 31st, that's this Thursday)

Get 50% off all orders over $3 (expires next May some time)

Get 72.5% off all orders over $50 (expires July 31, that's this Thursday)

Get 50% off all orders over $10 (expires September 1st)

Each coupon can only be used once per person, and only one coupon can be used per order. Just keep that in mind when you are shopping in my boutique! These are some serious coupons so do some serious shopping this weekend!

We will be celebrating my youngest son's second birthday this weekend with family. His actually birthday is Monday, but we're having a family party on Sunday. So I thought tonight I'll post a few photos of him that I took lately while I am waiting for my freebie to upload to 4shared:

10 comments | Thursday, July 24, 2008

Until I logged in to blog tonight I didn't realize how long it has been since I posted! I have been so busy with so many things my head is spinning. First off, my youngest is turning two years old next week and the terrible twos have arrived a week early. And terrible should really be reserved for three year olds because my older son, who is 3 1/2 years old, is on the "terrible" list, too. Loads and loads of tantrums over the typical things---food, potty, diaper changes, naps and going to bed. And of course fighting over cars and trucks is another big issue and bound to bring on a trantrum with one or both of my boys. So I've been playing referee and tantrum control officer for what seems like a month.

But amidst all of this toddler behavior frenzy (the super nanny would have a field day at my house), I have managed to learn a little bit more about Windows Vista and just about all my software has been reloaded and installed on my new laptop. I still like my Toshiba and want to cry every time I see it, but this new laptop, which is an HP, truly is awesome. It has a HUGE screen and it is very "pretty" if you can call a computer that. So far, so good. I put it away in my backpack every time I am done with it to prevent little hands from causing major damage!

So between my boys being terrible two and terrible three and my computer issues, I haven't been able to blog, answer all my emails and finish new products. I've been also been busy putting together the previews for the August Download a Day at Divine Digital that I am doing with two other fab Divine Digital designers, CraftyBloss and Terrells. The theme is circus and the colors are bright and fun. I took kind of a "Cirque du Sole" approach to my portion of the kit and it was so much fun playing with fun colors and abstract patterns. I can't wait until August so I can start posting the previews of our kit, "Under the Big Top."

So here are the new products that I just put in my boutique at Divine Digital today. Click on each image to get to the product. And make sure you get all the way to the bottom for a commercial use freebie that I have for you tonight.....

As many of you may know, or perhaps are just finding out, I had some extraction issues with my vintage series of commercial use products. Basically they were not as "clean" as they needed to be for designers to use. So someone stepped up to the plate to give me a big helping hand. Right now she wants to remain anonymous but I know she reads my blog and I just cannot put into words how much her help and friendship means to me. It feels like I have an angel out there looking out for me and for that I am so grateful. My friend is going to help me put together at least two vintage products a month. I promise they will be beautiful as she does a fantastic job and treats each elements like it was her baby. She is a PSP user and I am going to learn from her how to become better at extractions. I now have PSP XI loaded on my laptop and I'm going to start using it for my lessons with her and perhaps do a little designing with it as I know there are a lot of designers out there using it and their products are fabulous.
If you have purchased a vintage product from me and have not redownloaded it in the past four days, please redownload to get the corrected files. If you cannot redownload because your links have expired or you have used them all up or you have deleted your invoice, please just send me an email, cyndi@divinedigital.com, and I will give you a coupon to purchase what you ordered and download it again. I appreciate your patronage and your patience.

On top of cleaning up all my vintage products so that are they are now all safe for purchase or redownloading, she put together a freebie for me to distribute on my blog. How cool is that? She extracted this flower from one of the flowers in one of my stock photo collections. She has called the freebie "Grow Your Own Flower" and in one file you get the petals, inside center and stem each on a different layer so you can recolor and play around with it or should I say "grow your own flower." So click on the image of one of my flowers (not the one she extracted) and have fun with it. Please leave a comment here on my blog or when you download so she can read how much everyone loves her flower freebie.

And while I am waiting for the freebie to upload to 4shared, I will leave you with a few images of my son in the pool with my dogs. Both dogs just jump right in whenever he is in the pool and it is just so much fun to watch. You'd think the black lab, Ernie (she is a girl believe it or not) would be the first one in the water but she isn't. Gyro, our german shepherd. is the first one in every time. She loves to dunk her head down in the water to fetch the toy shark. It is so much fun to watch. Enjoy.....



4 comments | Thursday, July 17, 2008

I don't know what happened with my santahoho coupon yesterday. It worked for serveral customers and then it just decided to not work. So I refreshed it and it should work just fine now. if you have any problems, just email me at cyndi@divinedigital.com Details of the coupon are in yesterday's post.

As promised, here is another commercial use freebie for you today. It is another texture overlay. I hope you like it. Click on the photo to download (I'm too busy for freebie previews today). Leave a comment if you download and say "hi" and I'll be back tomorrow with another freebie and tonight I should be posting some new product previews and a new coupon.

Hopefully I will be back tonight with some new product reviews and a new coupon for the xmas in july sale at Divne Digital.



4 comments | Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I just put two new holiday overlay sets in my store tonight. Finally able to load up a new product after slowly working my way through the mess called Windows Vista. It is like a whole new environment and I feel like I am technically challenged when I am actually usually good at these types of things. Perhaps it is because I am in a rush to try and catch up with all the things I am behind on. Like these overlays. I had finished them but not done the previews the day my computer died. But I finally finished. So here they are and if you click on the image you can get to the product in the store:

And since we are celebrating Christmas in July at Divine Digital, here is a coupon code to get the second set free if you buy the first. Put both sets of overlays in your cart and use the coupon code santahoho and you will get both products for $6 instead of $12. Merry Christmas in July!

And since I haven't given out any freebies in a while, here is a commercial use overlay for you. I will have another one tomorrow. Click on the photo to download and say hi here, there or wherever!

That's it for tonight. I'll post tomorrow with hopefully more new product reviews and another CU freebie.



2 comments | Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well, yesterday was quite eventful in my little corner of the world. I woke up and got the boys dressed and fed and we were going to make a Sam's Club run. For us that also means a stop afterwards at NASCAR McDonalds. Yes, there is such a place in this world and it is in my neck of the woods. The whole theme of the McDonald's is NASCAR and they have a real NASCAR on the ceiling and you sit at booths around a car, too. And NASCAR photos and posters and anything else NASCAR related is on the walls. So this is Sam's favorite place at this stage in his little life. So he was excited and I was excited because I really hadn't been to Sam's Club in a couple months and needed to stock up. So, that is how we started out. Did we make it to either place? No. Here is why:

My poor laptop was destroyed by my three year old son. Don't ask me how he did it but I do know why. He wanted the letter "x." The letter x is his favorite letter in the alphabet. So he must have banged quite a few cars on the keyboard while I was in the basement putting in a load of laundry. Now you have to understand that without a laptop I cannot design. I have a desktop up in my guest bedroom but I can't live in that room all day with my boys. The portability of a laptop is my saving grace when it comes to being a mommy at home and being a designer. So I come up from the basement ready to put the boys in the car to head out to Sam's Club and NASCAR McDonalds. And I am met with my son standing in the kitchen holding out the letter "x" from my keyboard. Big smile on his face of course. And then I saw the whole computer with the smashed keyboard. Saying the I freaked out and completely had a melt down is putting it mildly.

Out comes the gorilla glue and for like an hour I'm trying to glue the keys back on the keyboard but to no avail as the springs have been smashed and can't go back on. A call to Toshiba informs me that I have to send my laptop to Japan to have a new keyboard installed because my computer is like six years old and no stores carry the parts. So you can imagine how much that would cost. Not to mention that I have been nursing this laptop, trying to make it live another year so I could buy a new one when we could better afford it. Well the new laptop was purchased yesterday and I have to say I am not happy about it. I absolutely hate Vista. Hate it. And it is such a pain having to transfer all my files, my email addresses (that is why I haven't been sending out any emails), my software and a million other things. So here we are in the middle of xmas in July, the biggest event of the year at Divine Digital, and I am barely keeping my head above water trying to finish up some products and get this laptop up to speed.

So I have nothing new to show you tonight. I just thought I would blog in case someone came by and decided to see if I was still a part of this world or not. I am. I'm just adjusting to life with Vista and trying to keep little sticky hands far, far away from my new laptop. So hi there, I'm alive and yes, I took out insurance on my new laptop that covers all accidents.

I'll leave you with a few photos of some flowers that I took this weekend and like. They are not touched up but they were okay enough to share....

And a few of my kids....

I'll check in tomorrow with a freebie and some new product reveals (cross your fingers I can learn Vista fast).




4 comments | Friday, July 11, 2008

Sorry about that....

Download the CU freebie here:


Be back tomorrow with another freebie!


11 comments | Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Christmas in July" at Divine Digital is upon us folks! What does that mean? Well, lots of fun xmas themed challenges and games where you can win freebies, sales, and of course what would xmas in July be without grab bags? And I have several grab bags. One in the store now and one uploading as I type. Now, I'm not going to tell you what is in what grab bag. That you will have to find out as a surprise.

During my 4th of July "Wetfish Designs Goes Solo Without a Blog Grab Bag Sale" I gave away all the ingredients to my bag. I actually got emails from customers who said they appreciated the reveal but really they liked a surprise because they know they get quantity and quality from me. That is music to a designer's ears! But I didn't make an unwanted appearance on the smack blogs, either. So I had to find some way to keep it part surprise, part reveal.

I have one personal use and two commercial use grab bags. Pay attention to the grab bag previews as I made the previews from ingredients of my bags---thanks Lainey for the idea! How is that for fun? And actually if I did make the smack blogs I don't care because I'm proud of these bags and what is in them. Not that I am inviting it....nasty stuff I tell you. Poor Royanna was raked over the coals this week. Send her some love via her store with a purchase. She was really tortured unnecessarily by those smackers....and she has an AWESOME commercial use grab bag for $5 despite what the smackers say and her personal use grab bag looks fab (her preview, as usual, is so creative I can't compete).

Coupons? Did I hear someone mention coupons? Are you looking for coupon codes for christmas? Well, here they are:
Save 40% on any order over $10. Yes, you can include the grab bags! This coupon can only be used once and it expires July 31st, the last day of the xmas in July event at Divine Digital.
Coupon Code: hohoho

So use it today, tomorrow, next week or on the last day of the month. It is up to you. My grab bags will be on sale until July 31st which is the last day of the xmas in July event and the last day of my "Digital Cookie Decorating Challenge!" More to come on that later....

And here is a coupon JUST FOR THIS WEEKEND. It expires on Sunday at midnight. Save $7.25 on any order over $20.00. You can include anything you want to get to $20, including grab bags, overlay and texture collections. Now that is a xmas in July deal! $20 worth of products for $12.75!!!

Coupon code: gettyjolly

I also put a few new goodies in my store---here is the link to my store (again, fewer links on my blog means they don't think I'm a spammer):

I have also extended my "GET OVER IT" overlay compilation for July until the end of the Christmas in July event. So if you haven't picked it up yet, make sure you do so during the sale becuase the price will be reduced and so you get even more of a savings. Here is the link to the product in my store:

And my texture compilation is still on sale, but just until Sunday:

For the last compilation item that is new in my store, "Vintage Trunk Sale," note that it does not include the "Game Time Grab Bag" which is vintage commercial use products. You will have to purchase that separately. And, because this is xmas "divine" style, I am allowing coupons to be used on this product.
Grab this awesome deal here:

And much more to come over the weekend. I've got more vintage matchbooks to scan and extract, holiday postcards from the late 1800s, more old newspapers for overlays, more vintage games and my second commercial use grab bag which is as full as I can stuff it with holiday overlays (not vintage, just wetfish). So stay tuned, use your coupons and help us celebrate Christmas in July in the most "Divine" way. As new products come in, I will post them on my blog. So keep checking in for the new stuff!

Now that I have retrieved my blog from spammer prison I can finally post photos from my 4th of July AND tomorrow there will be another mystery photo and the Blog Me 2 quickpage. This time I promise that after I have announced the winners for the mystery photo I will post an image of the entire photograph so you can all see what the object is in full view. And if you won last time and didn't get your coupon, well this weekend is the perfect time to use it so email me!

This is my son who was mad at me for taking pictures of him while he was having a tantrum. He kept saying "no take pictures mommy, no take pictures." And the last one is my lovely dog lounging out of the sun.....

And I can't leave my blogging today on my REAL BLOG without giving away something. This is a vintage straw coaster circa "I don't know when" but it is vintage and I picked it up at an antique store and scanned it, extracted it and decided to leave it out of one of my latest vintage kits so I could give it away here. So click on it to download and leave me a "hello" or "goodbye" I don't care, it will be nice just to read comments on 4shared and this blog again.

Have a great weekend grabbing the deals during the festivities at Divine Digital,