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7 comments | Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Leap Day!
Click on the image to download and check out the previews of what will be in my grab bags next weekend!!!!

Have a great "Leap" day,


Well, I missed a day. I was doing so good. I was posting the matching blog freebies each time it was my day for the Download a Day at Divine Digital. Today I realized I missed a day. Day 25. All that really means is that you get a double dose of Wetfish fun with today's freebie, so I guess the news and realization is not all that bad. But I really tried to keep things straight!

Before going on to the freebie, just a quick "thanks" for all the wonderful comments that were so uplifting to me. I read each and every one that was posted here and in 4shared. I appreciate the sentiments shared and the time it took to share your own uplifting experiences. Thanks!

So here is your freebie for today. The first preview is the portion you can only get at Divine Digital. Click on that image to get to the Download a Day that is mine today at Divine:

And here is the combo freebie that includes Day 25 and Day 28---click on it to download and leave a comment if you pick it up:

Now, tomorrow starts the grab bag sale and I am working hard to get my personal use and commercial use bag together. I gave you a hint in my last post about the personal use kit, did you figure it out? Well here is the color scheme for the kit that I am working on for the personal use bag (the other two parts will be element packs):

Tomorrow is Leap Day, and I am sure the frogs will be out all around the digi scrapping community. I will have a "frog" here tomorrow, too, so make sure you come on back. And don't forget that the grab bag sale does start tomorrow and I'll post a preview here for both my bags, as well as hints for what is inside each one. And if you aren't on my email list, get on it (send an email to cyndi@divinedigital.com) get on it so you can get the coupon code I have for this weekend's sale---it will be a good one!

Have a great day,


31 comments | Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I posted this in the DCR at DST, but thought I'd share it here--if you read it already, move on to the freebie:

Okay, I've been reading all these post and to tell you the truth, I was very disheartened, never wanting to post in this forum or any other forum again. I don't post often and when I do, well so much for me and my little thoughts I want to share an experience that I had yesterday that made me renew my faith in humanity. And that is what I believe we all need right now.I was at the grocery store at the busy time (5:00 pm) and the lines were all packed, everyone was crabby, kids were screaming and I was behind a woman with a HUGE load in her cart. Obviously she had kids, based on what I could see in the cart and what I saw go through the checkout while I waited. She was pregnant. She looked sad. And after all the groceries were bagged and scanned her credit card or debit card was refused and so was her personal check. She just stood there, on the verge of tears. All of us in line of course were like "UGH" how much longer will be standing here now? And of course I went "UGH" along with everyone else. My sitter was on the clock, I had a cold and was just down in the dumps.

Then the most amazing thing happened that I will never forget as long as I live and grocery shop: a woman in the next isle over handed a credit card to the cashier and said to charge it to her. Wow. Wow. Wow. The woman with the groceries just started to bawl at the kindness of strangers. After all our jaws dropped because we witnessed something probably none of us would ever do ourselves (her bill was over $200), clapping began for the woman who paid for her groceries and she was obviously embarrassed at the attention. Then the two women hugged and introduced themeselves. At first we all thought they knew each other because "why would you offer to pay for someone's groceries that cost over $200 if you don't know them." They were strangers. The woman who paid for the groceries didn't want the money back, saying she just wanted to help. This was such a moving experience for me and for others in the store. After they were gone, we could see them hugging in the parking lot and the pregnant woman was still sobbing. We all stood there feeling humbled but I think everyone who witnessed that felt their heart beat faster and their faith in humanity a little more refreshed or restored.

I guess how I relate all this to my experiences as a designer and member of this community is that I want to be the designer that pays for the groceries. I want to believe in the goodness of others. I want to provide high quailty products for those who can afford them and high quality freebies now and again for those who can't afford to shop at my store or other stores. Someday they may be able to afford it. So I'm not giving up. There are good people out there. It is for them that I will continue to srap and design, whilst ignoring all the inner turmoil, backstabbing and witch hunting going on here, there and everywhere.And the next time I am in that situation, and someone can't pay for their groceries, perhaps my designing dollars will enable me to hand over my credit card and lend a hand.

So that is why I'm not giving up.

Thank you and hugs to everyone who left me feedback about my freebies and work. I read every comment and felt restored with the reading of each and every one of them. Thanks so much!

And I can't resist sharing a few more precious faces from my preschool photo shoot--something else in my life that is keeping me inspired with my work:

And if you got this far, you deserve the freebie---a sampler from my upcoming Divine Diva Deal "Celtic Charms." It will be on sale starting March 13th and for one week, until midnight on March 19th, it will be $2. Let me tell you, this kit is huge! Maybe it is the Irish in me that can't stop making things for it....Anyway, this isn't a cutsie kind of St. Patrick's Day kit. Not that I don't like those, I do. I just wanted to do something different to honor this great "green" day. Growing up my mother was our Girl Scout leader and she used to have this pin "I Love Girls in Green." After we were done with scouting that pin became my father's possession and he wears it every St. Patrick's Day. Gets a lot of laughs and it is something I'll always remember on St. Patrick's Day. I should have done a kit called "I Love Girls in Green." Perhaps next year.....

"Celtic Charms" is more of a Celtic art kit----at least I think so. There was a Celtic festival in a nearby town last weekend and some of the stuff from that inspired me to make this kit. I hope you like the sampler today and pick up the kit when it comes out. Click on the image to download and say "hi" if you have a chance when you download. And please don't share the links---send people here.

Don't forget the grab bag sale this weekend. I will have a personal use and commercial use bag in this sale. Here is the first hint for the personal use: the name of the personal use kit that is in the grab bag can be found in the word "Irish." Nothing like a game of boggle!

Have a great day,


20 comments | Saturday, February 23, 2008

Well, I actually got this one posted in reasonable time, despite still being under the weather (frogs are still here). Today I put together a freebie that includes three papers and one border trim that match the download I have at Divine Digital today. I hope you like it:

Here is the download from Divine Digital---click on the image to get to the download:

And here is my blog freebie to match it:

While I am waiting for the freebie to be uploaded to my 4shared account, I thought I would ramble a bit about what I've been learning about the digi scrap community. We all know the "smack" blogs are out there and awhile back I was "smacked" around quite a bit. Been there, done that, hope the smackers leave me be. It seems that there is a lot of discontent about DigiShop Talk and to be honest, I just don't understand all of it.

Yes, I participate in the Designer Conference Room and it seems that this private forum for designers registered at DSTis being treated like a "club" and that the information discussed and shared is "top secret" and "hush hush." This is just NOT the case. For example, one of my truly favorite designers, Kristy Wiseman, is trying to raise funds for medical treatment for her daughter. So through the DCR, a bunch of us designers are putting together a charity kit. Now how can that be such a bad thing? This forum is where we, as designers, discuss what is and is not working in the digi scrap community, problems with our stores/sales, piracy (a really hot topic issue at the moment that thankfully I have not been the victim of that I know of) and sometimes just a place to get some pats on the back after being "smacked" around. So for those who are dying to be in the "know," that is what goes on.

In the same light, I must say that NOT being a well known, popular gal at DST isn't such a bad thing. Yes, I post some product previews, comment now and then in the Chatter thread and in the DCR and I always post a thread when I have freebies up. Other than that, I am a virtually unknown designer. As such, according to the "smackers" my freebies are crap. At least that seems to be the common opinion---if you are not a big designer like Shabby Princess, Weeds and Wildflowers, etc., than your freebies aren't worth downloading or even taking a looksee. This bugs me. I like making and giving away freebies and I truly see a lot of customers purchasing my products because they have downloaded a freebie or two of mine and like what they get. What do you think? Are my freebies worth downloading? Is it better that I am an unknown designer or does my unknown status make me "unwanted?" Seriously, I would like to know.

My freebie is uploaded so I will sign off on that note. I hope you comment and let me know your thoughts. I believe the truth lies with the customer so let me hear it!

Have a great weekend,


4 comments | Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Well, the "frogs" are still residing in my house, so this is once again a last minute posting for my blog freebies for "Happily Ever After." I'm still sick and my boys are still sick. My husband has managed to stay clear of the frogs we have. So, here is Day 20---I actually made a preview while waiting for the file to upload to 4shared---and don't forget to download the other portion HERE at Divine Digital:

Click on the image to download and remember to say "hi" somewhere when you download and be nice, not a pirate.

I put a few new but not new (does that make sense?) things in my store yesterday. If you purchased my last personal use grab bag than you already have this. but if you didn't, you can grab it at Divine Digital for $4 (but get 25% by using the bekind coupon code, which you can use like 10 times!). Click on the image to get to the product in my store:

And here is another paper pack I added to my store. This was a freebie on my blog months ago and I decided that I liked it enough to put in my shop. I guess I also wanted to have more "boy" type things for Mom's like me who scrap only the masculine side of life. Click on the image to get the product---you can snag it for $2:

And of course there are several great things in the works at Divine Digital. We have another awesome grab bag sale coming up in March and I will have a personal use and a commercial use grab bag in the sale, so mark the dates and get your PayPal accounts ready for not just my stuff but all the other fantastic deals you'll find at this sale---don't you just love this ad that Royanna made???

And have you heard about "Project Divine?"

If you haven't been participating in the "Project Divine" that has been going on, it is not too late to jump in on the fun and charity. So far the "Last Scrapper Standing" contest has been fun----I hope you've been checking out the layouts, learning from the challenges and voting for your favorite scrapper. Even if you aren't a contestant, check out the challenges and save them for a later date. You never know when you might need some inspiration or some ideas to get the layouts going! We are doing a team mini kit project and each of the designers will have a mini kit following an "I CARE" theme. Each designer has chosen something that they care about as the name of their kit. With all the election stuff going on I decided that women having the right to choose what they want, whether it be their President, their health decisions, their economic decisions, etc. is what I feel is important for me to care about. These mini kits will go on sale real soon and I will let you know via blog and email when the sale starts. Here is mine:

All the mini-kits will be $1 and they will also put a grouping of the kits together so you can buy a bunch and save a little. All proceeds will go the organization "CARE" which I personally suggested so I am excited. We're also having a site sponsored Mega Kit and the proceeds from that will also go to CARE. I can't give you a preview of that yet because it is still "under wraps!" This organization does so many wonderful things world wide and it truly is worth checking out and supporting, even if just purchasing a few mini kits. Here is a link to their website so you can see how much good we can do if we just care---click on any image to get to information about the organization CARE:

So, with all that being said, I'm off to bed. I'll be back on Saturday with another "Happily Ever After" freebie add on and quite possibly another freebie on Friday.

Have a fantastic night,


7 comments | Sunday, February 17, 2008

Well, in a few hours it will be Day 18 but I made it just in time. I am living in the house of sick. As my son, Sam, puts it, we all have "frogs" in our throats, chests, noses and ears. And our frogs hurt. Colds, fevers, ear infections and of course the irrability that comes from all of the above make our house the house of the sick frogs. It is bad enough when Mommy is irritated easily but when both your kids under 2 are also zombies with attitudes, it makes for a really long, tiring day.

I did manage to pull myself together for a "date" with my husband last night. We went to see the movie "No Country for Old Men." I liked it, but then again I didn't like it. I think I have to see it again to decide how I feel about it. I don't want to give anything away in case someone reading this plans on seeing it. But it needs another viewing for me to understand the movie in general and my feelings about it. Lately I've seen two "chick flicks," Juno and 27 Dresses and I loved both of them. So I guess I was due for a movie that would leave me hanging, wondering what it was all about.

Well, here is my little add-on for "Happily Ever After" today. The first preview is the download you will find at Divine Digital. The second preview is my freebie for today. Click on the image to download and thanks for the comments here, there and anywhere (I find them).

And if you haven't made it by the Divine Digital Boutique to check out all the bargains, make sure you do....

The sale continues in my store until February 19th. My store sale is spend $20 or more and get $10 off. Not bad if you don't have a lot of my newer things or if you are looking for some commercial use stuff. So check it out and remember to enter the code happyfish at the bottom of the shopping cart page prior to clicking on checkout.

My next sale will not be until Leap Year Day (is that what it is called?) on February 29th. It will be a good one and I have a lot of new stuff to put in my boutique so for those of you that have a closet full of my goods, be on the lookout for a new stash coming your way by the end of the month.

Have a fantastic evening and I hope you wake up to a wonderful Monday.



6 comments | Friday, February 15, 2008

Here is my freebie for today---a set of four papers that will match my "Serendipity" kit at Divine Digital. Click on the image to download and leave a comment here, there or somewhere.....

Take advantage of my weekend sale and stock up on products by Wetfish Designs! Spend $20 or more in my store and you will get $10 off your order, including commercial use items. The coupon code for this sale is happyfish

Here is the link to my store:

And the bekind code is working again, so if you aren't spending $20 use that code to get 25% off. You can use that coupon up to ten times, so remember that when you come and visit my little store!

Have a great weekend and I'll be back Sunday with another "Happily Ever After" freebie,


9 comments | Thursday, February 14, 2008

I put together a little Valentine for everyone. I hope you like it! Click on the image to download and leave me some feedback somewhere...here, there or anywhere!

And here are some more of the school photos I've been working on----aren't they just the cutest kids?

Have a great Valentine's Day!



5 comments | Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Again, I'm early but I know tomorrow will be busy, so I thought I'd post this tonight:

Click on the image to download and you know the rest.....

I'll be back tomorrow with a Valentine for all of you, so make sure you put me on your Valentine blog travels.



4 comments | Monday, February 11, 2008

I finally had a minute to post my add-on freebie for "Happily Ever After," the Download A Day at Divine Digital. Here it is, hidden inside the preview that is for my share of the kit that is up today at Divine Digital (no time to make a new preview, so just think of it as a surprise!). So click on the image download, leave a comment here, there and everywhere and have a nice night!

And here are some more of my little school portraits that is taking up so much of my time but I am loving every minute of it, feeling very inspired and creative after each session:

7 comments | Friday, February 08, 2008

As promised in yesterday's post, here is a freebie that goes with "Serendipity," my Divine Diva Deal at Divine Digital. Click on the image to download---you get the quickpage, the paper, the flower, the frame and the sun. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

3 comments | Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well, Tuesday I was late for Day 5's freebie and for Day 8 I am early. Guess one of these days I'll get a schedule for posting and designing figured out! Here is the freebie for Day 8 of "Happily Ever After," which accompanies my Day 8 contribution of the Divine Digital Download A Day for February. Again, I didn't have time to make a preview for the freebies, but trust me, you will like them. Click on the image to download and thanks for leaving a comment here, there or anywhere about my stuff. And hey, Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

I will be back tomorrow night with a freebie for "Serendipity," my Divine Diva Deal for this week. It is only $2 until Wednesday at midnight! Get it here:


Have a great night and come back tomorrow for the freebie,