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16 comments | Saturday, October 27, 2007

Even my commericial use items! Giving you guys this discount is the only thing happy about my birthday today. I just hate getting old!

HERE is the link to the store!

Coupon Code: sheis41

I'll be back later today with a freebie party favor!



0 comments | Thursday, October 25, 2007

Here is a sneak peak at "Sugarplum" my Divine Diva Deal at Divine Digital that goes on sale Halloween night for $2:

And since the "Harvest" will be over, I will offer a DAILY FREEBIE to match "Sugarplum" during the week of October 31st through November 7th!!!! So make sure you keep coming back for more sweets after Halloween is over!!!!

And if you didn't see my "Texture Team" call on DST, consider this if you are a designer:

I need some designers to show off what they can do with my texture photos. I am now selling 12x12, 300dpi texture stock photos (royalty free, no copyright police involved) for designers to make papers, elements--whatever!--within their design work. I am selling the stock photos through iStock and Divine Digital. Sales are slow to start so I need to get the word out.

Designers have been discussing and complaining about lack of royalty free, high quality texture images and now that I've got them for you, I need some help spreading the word. Face it, I need samples of papers and elements other than my own to show designers what they can do with my stock photos of textures and nature. SO.....If you would like to participate and receive free high quality texture images that are commercial use okay and excellent quality, here is what you need to do and be willing to do:

1. Check out my work. Hey, if you don't like it, you don't like it! Here is a link to my boutique at Divine Digital. Check out the texture stock photo packs as that is what I am talking about here (there are currently five packs in the boutique with more coming next week):http://www.divinedigital.com/boutiqu...ufacturerid=71

2. Send me a link to your store(s) so I can check out our style.

3. Be willing to share your previews with me for any products you make that use my textures so that I can utilize them in promotions, sales, etc. I'm not asking for anything other than a preview or sample of your work with my work. You don't have to give me a whole kit!

That's it. No posting layouts. No mention of my textures being used in your credits. Just samples (one or two would be nice) and previews so I can share your talent with my customers via my blog, DST, Divine Digital, etc. It is a win win situation---you'll get your work advertised when I do!

Send all the info to cyndi@divinedigital and put Texture Team in the subject line. I am hoping to recruit ten designers and I have thousands of texture photos (I am one of those weird people who photograph everything under the sun). From trash to sand, leaves to rust, paint chips to wood, I've got it all. And, just for applying, I'll send you a free texture stock photo that is commerical use okay, royalty free! So go for it!

Be back tomorrow with another "Harvest" freebie, or maybe later tonight depending on how "late" I am for everything in my life today.



15 comments | Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I've got some papers for you tonight for Day 23 of the "Harvest" from Divine Digital's Download a Day. I guess you can tell that time is still running away from me. I'm one day late! I feel like a character in "Alice in Wonderland" lately. I'm late, late, late for everything.

Well, here it is, another paperpack. Hope you like it. There are four papers in all, three solid and one stripe. The solids have a texture design but basically they are solid. Click on it to download, don't share the links--send friends here, have fun and leave a comment if you like it, email me if you don't.

And here is a little promo for my next Divine Diva Deal which starts on Halloween. My kit will be "Sugarplum" and it will be a holiday kit but more like a winter kit so that those who don't celebrate xmas can use it, too. As always, it will be $2 for one week and I promise it will be filled with lots of great stuff!

Have a great evening,


6 comments | Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here is the texture for you today----horse hair! What a cool texture this is and what cool papers and elements you'll be able to create with it, too. I found a horse and buggy at the Amish farmer's market and snapped away at the beautiful horse whose coat was just shimmering with sweat in the sun. Meanwhile, my son, Henry, hung out in the stroller screaming at the horse. Not sure if the horse liked that, but he didn't move! What incredible things my boys get to experience living in a rural community!

Click on the image to download. This is a commercial use okay freebie! Please don't right click and save because you won't get the 300dpi image. Please don't share the download link. Please leave a comment if you like it and use it. Please use the coupon included to purchase some of my texture photo collections at Divine Digital---two collections are 50% off but only for two more days! And please, have a nice day!

I'll be back tomorrow with a "Harvest" freebie!



12 comments | Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yesterday the clouds were at their finest, so I strolled through one of the neighboring towns, Lewisburg, and took some pictures of the steeples that were just glistening in the sun and moody clouds......

And here is the freebie for today, better late than never I guess. Tough weekend with time---it goes by too fast! So I didn't get this posted yesterday but here it is today. It is a journaling banner. Enjoy, leave a comment, don't share the download link and have a wonderful Sunday. I'll be back Tuesday with a download for "Harvest" Day 23.



1 comments | Thursday, October 18, 2007

Special Holiday Promotion from Wetifsh Designs:

You will receive a $10 gift certficiate for my store at Divine Digital (includes commercial use items and stock photos) with each PicFolio or traditional Coverset album (not all albums shown below, sale applies to all traditional CM albums) purchased through my Creative Memories Website. Also, you will receive a $15 gift certificate with each purchase of one of the new digital products. The Memory Manager is a fantastic tool for organizing your photos and digital scrapbooking supplies.

The StoryBook Creator Plus is a very user-friendly software that is perfect for gift-giving to friends, family members or teens that aren’t ready for PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro but would like to get started with digital scrapbooking. And all the new albums are just incredible! Make sure you check out the digital kits, too! They have eight sets of digital kits and these apply towards the $15 gift certificate from my store at Divine Digital, too. This software is a fantastic gift for your teenager or preteen that is computer savvy and always on your computer messing around with your software. Get them their own software that is so user friendly they can create a great layout in minutes. Creative Memories also has free online tutorials for using the software!

So, start thinking Christmas and start thinking about getting those layouts into albums that are high quality, designed with preservation in mind and beautiful to hold and give as gifts. Order safely online via my personal Creative Memories website (all major credit cards accepted) and upon receiving notification of your order, I will email you a gift certificate for my store at Divine Digital. Order online soon (International shipping and shopping, too!) and you’ll get your products in time for the holiday season and you can cross some people (perhaps yourself?) off your holiday shopping list! When visiting the site make sure you click on new products so you can see all the other new products they have in stock for the holiday season! They are beautiful!

And did you know that Creative Memories Photo Center now prints 12x12 layouts! For every five 12x12 layouts you print with Creative Memories you will get a $5 gift certificate to my store at Divine Digital. Email me for all the details at cyndi@divinedigital.com

Here is where you place your sale order:

My Creative Memories Website

12x12 PicFolio™
Max Blue

12x12 PicFolio™
Max Chocolate

for the PicFolio Max Albums:

• 16 sheets/32 Story Sleeves


• Durable and tear-resistant Story Sleeves
• Creative Memories debossed logo on the back
• Matte-leathered cover material
• Stain-resistant liner
• Photo-safe

Premiere Coverset Pink or Green 12x12


• Bookcloth cover and spine
• 2 straps
• 2 coverholders


• Photo-safe
• Durable bookcloth cover
• Debossed Creative Memories logo on back cover
• Expandable
• Lays flat
• Lifetime guarantee

StoryBook Creator Plus Software


• Software to create digital layouts and all sizes of StoryBooks

• Everyday and Gazebo Customized Templates (over a $15 value)
• Everyday and Gazebo Digital Kits (over a $19 value)
• Quickstart User’s Guide
• English only


• Drag and drop decorative embellishments
• Ability to add or remove design elements and change background color
• Ability to create 12 x 12 digital pages to be printed individually
• Import images from a digital camera or Memory Manager Memory vault

Memory Manager 2.0


• Software
• CD case
• User guide
• English only


• Import images from a digital camera, scanner or existing files
• Store audio and video clips and all image data using Memory Vault
• Spell check journaling before you print
• PrintTrack allows you to see printed and unprinted images with one click
• Image enhancement features such as color correction, red eye and cropping
• Album preview panel

PicFolio Album layout options
• StoryBook Creator 2.0 Software
• Automatic backup option
• Image share via e-mail

Organize, categorize, and personalize. From the creation of digital images to the
completion of keepsake albums, this software is a one-of-a-kind tool specially
created for the album-maker. Available only in English. PC-compatible

7 comments | Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Okay, here is my "Harvest" freebie for today (well, tonight!). It is a simple little cluster made from one of the leaves I gave out earlier in the month, a ribbon and a twig I photographed and extracted (yeah, first time I did this and I don't think it looks too bad!). It is in PNG format, 300dpi. Personal use only, don't share the link--send friends here to pick it up.

See you Friday with another little freebie. I'm off to chat, or try to. I can't get in the chat room at Divine Digital so if I'm not there, that is why!

Good night,



Well, better a day late than not at all! I had so many problems with my email @ Divine Digital that I didn't post a texture yesterday because without my email working I can't notify my customers that a freebie is up waiting for them. So, now that my cyndi@divinedigital.com email is working, I have a freebie! Two actually, since today is also my day with "Harvest." I'll post the "Harvest" freebie tonight and the texture right now.

Now, today's freebie texture is a photo I took while taking my stroll through the woods on Saturday. This is a close-up of a leaf. Keep the color when you use it and it will give a warm hue to your paper. That is how I would use it. It is 12x12, 300dpi. It is commercial use friendly (yes, designers can make paper from this texture and sell it) and please download the file don't just right click and save because the photo here is downsized for blogger. It is not the full resolution and quality you need! Just click on the image to download. Please don't send the download link around the world via the web---send people here to download it. I appreciate any comments and feedback, too.

And, since my boys are napping and I have a few minutes while the texture uploads to 4shared, I want to discuss something fun---clouds. I am one of those people that will probably break her leg some day or fall down a well because I'm walking around looking up at the glorious blue sky when the clouds are at their puffiest, most marshmallow like existence. Do you know what I mean? The other day I was driving around running errands and I called my husband and told him to go outside and look at the clouds because they were just so amazing. One minute the sky was dark, dark blue with white, white clouds. The next it was bright light blue with dark clouds. He thought I lost my mind, didn't understand what was so great about the clouds. Same with my friend, Cassie. I was meeting her for coffee and on the way I called her and told her I might be late because the clouds were unbelievable and I had to pull over and take pictures (yes, camera is always in the car so is the battery charger for the camera). She still thinks I am crazy. Well, you be the judge. Here are some photos I took at a farm I pass on the way into town. Leave a comment if you like and tell me what you like about clouds. Seriously, I want to know if I am the only one who goes around commenting on the clouds and making a fool out of myself (I guess).

And now, this is a little morbid, but as I am approaching my 41st birthday in two weeks, I can't help but think about death. I know, I'm weird. Anyway, during my walk in the woods on Saturday at World's End State Park, I came across this grave. And it was this HUGE rock with a brass plaque on it in the middle of the woods. How cool is that? When I go, I want that. I want a grave in the woods with a big huge, beautiful rock on top of my ashes (have to be cremated, can't stand worms). I want to have the fall leaves strewn all about me. I want to the serenity of the stream's running water (not that I'll hear it) and the peacefulness of being "in" or "one" with nature. So here is the grave I found....It was so old that I couldn't read who he or she was that is buried there but I could make out that it was a grave because the dates were there and it goes back to the early 1800s. It is the only grave I ever stumbled across in the woods that didn't belong to a four legged friend of mine or someone else. So it was cool. And of course I had to take a picture.....

Okay, the boys are waking up so the fun and morbidity is over....I'll be back tonight with the "Harvest Day 17" freebie.

And we're having a "Harvest" chat tonight at Divine Digital----hope you can make it. Starts at 9:00 pm EST.



13 comments | Sunday, October 14, 2007

I have four papers for you today (12x12, 300dpi) that match "Harvest." Today is my day again for the Download a Day but I know the site is being worked on so if you can't download it, please try again tomorrow. They have only added up to Day 12 so please be patient---eventually all the downloads will get there for everyone to snag!

Here is the freebie---personal use only, be nice not mean and send your scrapping friends here to download (i.e. don't just send them the 4shared link).

I posted some photos earlier today from my visit to "The Endless Mountains" of Pennsylvania. I had a family photo shoot up there and went a few hours early to take in some nature. It was a wonderful, autumn day. The weather could not have been more perfect and I really felt inspired by all the beautiful colors, smells and sounds that I discovered in "World's End State Park." A great place to visit if you are ever near the Pocono region of Pennsylvania.

Have a great evening and I'll be back on Tuesday with a texture,



5 comments | Friday, October 12, 2007

I only have a little freebie today, but I hope you like it. If you picked up my "Animal Crackers" kit at Divine Digital this tag goes with it. I plan on making tags with the entire alphabet but it will be awhile before I get that done, so here is "G" for Giraffe. Here's the tag and you know the drill (click on it to download, personal use only, etc.):

And here is the preview of "Animal Crackers" and if you click on it you will get to the kit in my store at Divine Digital (the boutique was down when I posted this so if you can't get it, try again later----they are doing a lot of work on the site to improve it):

Have a great weekend and I'll be back on Sunday with the "Harvest" Day 14 blog add-on!



10 comments | Thursday, October 11, 2007

Today is my day again with "Harvest," the Download a Day kit at Divine Digital. I've had a lot of fun with this kit--both in making it and the freebies for my little blog party. I hope you like them!

Here is my contribution to the "Harvest" today at Divine Digital:

Here is the link to get the download:


And for my blog add-on I have just a few decorative tiles to go with "Harvest." There are six tiles, each are PNG files sized 2 inches by 2 inches, 300dpi. And remember---personal use only, be nice and comment if you like it or email me if you hate it, don't share the links with your friends--send them here to download.

p.s. Drop shadows are for the preview only

And I have a few stock photo items in the store I thought I'd share since people have been emailing and commenting about my photography. Now this seems to be a hot button issue with some artists--selling stock photos cheaply. I don't see it as dragging down the industry as some do, but everyone has an opinon and we all will think differently on certain subjects. The photos that I sell as stock photos are texture and nature or objects, not people. These were photos I've taken in my travels around my little world (Central Pennsylvania) and I like them enough to share them here on my blog and sell some in my store at Divine Digital. Not everyone can afford the big ticket stock photos that have royalty fees applied to them. So I guess the audience I'm here for would be the "little people" who need and want stock photos that are good quality and reasonably priced. That being said, here are my new images in my store at Divine Digital, each is $2.....royalty free and commercial use okay! Click on any of the images to get to my store where they can be purchased.

Lastly, if you've read this far you deserve a coupon code for today! Today's deal is for my "Be Kind" kit. This is one of my favorite kits as I made it while sitting in my favorite coffee house in town, The Kind Cafe. Use the coupon code harvest11 and you will receive 30% off the kit today. Here are two previews of the kit and two layouts I made using it (the cute boy is my son, Henry):

Have a wonderful day and I'll be back tomorrow with a small freebie,