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14 comments | Friday, June 29, 2007

I am so excited about the freebie for today. Partly because it is parts of a new kit that I will be premiering soon at Scraphead, and partly because it has been so fun to make! Given that the 4th of July is this week, I thought of all things I could about the 4th of July and I decided that baseball is something very American and traditional. I remember going to many Pittsburgh Pirate games on the 4th and then sticking around afterwards for the fireworks and I remember playing in many family softball games down at the Blackridge playground on the 4th of July growing up. So I decided to do my first exclusive kit for Scraphead, one of my new venues, with the theme being vintage baseball.

Now, don't let vintage fool you because there is something in it for everyone! Since I grew up in Pittsburgh, there will be Pittsburgh Pirate stuff in it. Since 3/4 of my family are Red Sox fans, there are Red Sox things in it. And since my husband is the lone Yankee fan in the family, there is some Yankee stuff, too. Last night he asked me why anyone would want to buy a kit that as the Red Sox and the Yankees in it. Well, we'll see if people buy it! But I think it is fun to have them both in the kit. It is a great kit for 4th of July layouts, little league games, baseball layouts, etc. It will be available exclusively at Scraphead starting July 4th so make sure you check it out (there is a coupon included with the freebie so you can get it at a discount through August 4th)!

So, without further gabbing, here is the preview for the freebie today, it is a sit of six frames---3 of which are decorated with elements from the new kit that I am calling "Play Ball!"

Did you just click on the image and it didn't send you to 4shared? Well, surprise, I'm doing it different this week!!! Since this freebie goes with the "Play Ball!" kit that will be exclusive to Scraphead, you must go to the Scraphead homepage. You can snag this freebie by simply clicking on the FREEBIE button on the bottom right and then simply download it from the gallery. If you download, please leave the comments here on my blog since I won't have access to comments like normal with 4shared. Thanks!

Now, onto other things. Coming up July 6th, 7th and 8th is the Grab Bag sale at Divine Digital and you need to get my grab bag! I just love grab bags. I know some designers are against the whole idea, thinking it diminishes the productivity (a lot of people think freebies do, too!), but I just love making them and love getting feedback from scrappers who purchase my grab bags. I'll be posting here right before the sale with a link to my grab bag so make sure you check back. And you want to check back on the 4th of July for another patriotic freebie!

Now, onto some housekeeping issues.....if this is repetative because you are on my email list, sorry! But a designer has to do what a designer has to do:

I just posted a great challenge on the Divine Digital website for my weekly photography challenge, "Ready! Set! Shoot!" Here is the link and the freebies are going to awesome---one freebie for each layout you post:


At Divine Digital we're also coming out with another Mega Kit and the theme is "Christmas Fantasy." My stuff is already done and uploaded and I can't wait to see what the other designers create with this theme. And the colors are fantastic! The kit will be released mid-July and I'll let you know either by my weekly email or my blog. I'm also running a photo contest, a trivia chat and a challenge---all of which come with either freebies or a gift certificate, so make sure you participate---it will be loads of "jolly" fun!

All my kits at ScrapProfessor are 25% off right now so head on over there, too and snag a deal.

At Moo Two Designs, one of my new homes, we're going to be releasing a really fun July Mega Kit, "Leather Dude." If you are a "hog" or know someone who is, this is a kit you don't want to be without. I'll be letting you know when the kit is released. Also, just like my other new stores, my stuff is 25% off for a limited time.

Now that the housekeeping issues are done, I leave with some of my latest photos--some are kids I've photographed lately via my photography business and some are my boys:

Have a great weekend,


7 comments | Friday, June 22, 2007

I was playing around last night with colors, trying to come up with a color scheme for my next kit and I created four papers (12 x12 300dpi) that are fun and "dotty." I was using the Hanna Anderson catalog for inspiration since it isn't good for anything else as the prices are out of this mom's shopping budget, but I love their colors and the way they put colors together in their fabrics. Catalogs like this make me want to have a girl!

This is what I came up with. Hope you like them! Click on the image to download and remember, personal use only, don't post the link anywhere (send them here!) and leave a comment because I read them and like them!

I had a blast hosting the chat at Divine Digital the other night. I was so nervous but it was easy and fun. On my list to do again in the future! I must give a big hug to Lukasmummy for stepping in when I couldn't get the chat room to work right for me. Thank you!!!!! Next Divine Diva Deal Kit is July 18th so be on the lookout for it...

My "Ready! Set! Shoot!" challenge is up for the week at Divine Digital---deadline is next Monday at midnight. Lots of freebies to go around for the price of a layout! And you can still get in on the Divine Diva Deal Kit Challenge that I announced in my chat and snag this great Angler freebie. It has lots of frogs, dragongflies and turtles and a decorated frame. If you want in on the challenge, email me (cyndi@divinedigital.com) and I'll give you the details:

If you didn't know already, I am now in a lot of stores now---so many I can't keep up with all of them! And there are a couple on the list that aren't finalized! The process of "moving in" and setting up shop is different at each store so it is taking me awhile to get a system down. Here is where you will find my designs right now:

DigiScrapWarehouse (not stocked yet, but will be by next week and this is a Commercial Use Only store so that is something new and different for me)

In the near future each store will have designs that exclusive just to them, so you'll be able to shop around for my stuff.

AND I am so excited to have four fishies swimming with me on my Creative Team! Please help me welcome Kori, Rebecca, Claudia and Darlene. I can't tell you how happy I am to have them by my side. I'm going to create a fun blinkie this week that says "I'm Swimmin with the Fishies" (can you tell I watch the Sopranos?) so you'll be seeing that in the forums around the web soon. Here are a few of the layouts they've done so far---I can't wait to see what they come up with next:

These are from Kori--she used the "Cheers!" kit:

These are from Claudia--she used "Liberty"--her husband is in the military so this kit was perfect for her:

These "Angler" layouts are from Darlene who helped me out in a big way Wednesday during my first chat for "Angler" (thanks Darlene!):

And Rebecca just officially came on board this morning so look for layouts from her soon.

If you have read this far (I know, most people just pick up the freebie and move on) and are interested in being on my CT, I have some spots left and here is all you have to do:

1. Send me a link to your most complete gallery or galleries.

2. Agree to create two layouts per kit and post the layouts in four galleries, Divine Digital, DigiShopTalk, ScrapProfessor and MooTwoDesigns. In the future I may have posting requirements for ther sites, as well.

3. That's it!

So send me an email if this looks like something you want to do: cyndi@divinedigital.com

And of course I have to end this blog entry with photos of my sons because they are the light of my life and I love them beyond belief.

These are of Hank who will be one at the end of July (and yes, that is me, a rare moment when my husband actually picked up my camera and took a picture of me!):

And these are of Sam who turned two at the end of March:

That's it for today. Enjoy the freebie and stop back soon as you never know when something "fishy" is going on around here.



1 comments | Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wow, what a busy, busy few days I've had! I've been putting my designs in some new stores and it seems for each store the process is different. Talk about mind boggling! Combine getting used to that and sick kids and it makes me one crazy lady! We've also had some huge thunderstorms and power outages so on top of being crazy I'm in a panic all the time because my dog chews herself like crazy every time there is thunder and now she has a great big hot spot and I'm thinking a call to the vet is in order. Poor thing :(

So tonight is my chat at Divine Digital to celebrate my Divine Diva Deal Kit, "Angler." I'd love to have you join me! I've got freebies for anyone who attends and freebies for anyone who attends AND completes the challenge I'm going to give you tonight. So please drop on by! It starts at 10:00 pm Eastern time and it won't be long---I'm not that chatty! Here is the link to the chat room so you have no excuses---you must come:

In additon to the chat tonight, I will be posting a new "Ready! Set! Shoot!" challenge this afternoon. So make sure you check it out! Here is the thread and I should have the challenge posted by 2:00 this afternoon:
Now onto other things. No new designs as I've spent practically every diaper and child free moment redoing previews and uploading files. I also have a photo job this afternoon so today wil be a busy day! I do have a freebie to offer, but I can't take the credit for this one. It comes from Leah at Scraphead (one of my new stores!) and you can download it right from the main page by clicking on the freebie link. Here is a preview, click on it to get to the store:

Freebie on Friday so stop back then,


6 comments | Friday, June 15, 2007

Too bad it isn't lent, because today's Friday Freebie is all about Fish!!!! Today make sure you snag these two fishy frames that match my "Divine Diva Deal" kit of the week, "Angler," at Divine Digital. Both frames are in PNG format and you simply slide them onto your page and add a photo! Have fun with these--I had a lot of fun making them. Click on either image to download both and remember, personal use only and comments are appreciated and read! As I posted yesterday, if you purchase "Angler" this week while it is the Divine Diva Deal, you will get a free alpha. Here is a sample of the free alpha--it is really cool as it is made from the fishies in the kit:

And, since my "Angler" kit is all about fish and summer and beaches are also related to fishing, enjoy 50% off my "Sandy Days" kit when you purchase "Angler." Normally it is $3 but this week with the coupon and "Angler" purchase it is just $1.50! Coupon code: gonefishing

Lastly, here is a freebie promotion for Scraphead, one of the new stores I will be selling my kits in very soon. Stop by the site, check it out and get this great freebie:

Glitter Fun Freebie

These sparkling flowers and dots are unbelievably realistic and every piece of glitter looks as though it will pop off your page. Included with the flowers are two leafy stems and multiple dots to sprinkle around your layout. Perfect for any party pages, kid projects and more... enjoy! Go to http://www.scraphead.com/ and click on the FREEBIE button in the lower right to download this from the Gallery.

Have a great weekend,

1 comments | Thursday, June 14, 2007

Starting today and continuing through next Wednesday, June 20th, my "Angler" kit is the Divine Diva Deal of the Day. Normally this kit would sell for $5 but for one week, starting today, you can snag it for $2! So get on over to Divine Digital and grab it while you can. Next Wednesday I will be hosting a chat and a challenge with this kit so stay tuned for news about that. And, just for my blogging buddies and email friends, if you purchase this kit I will send you a matching alpha! Click on the image to get to my store and buy it. I will send you a link to download the "Angler" alpha after I receive an invoice for your purchase. So go here and get it:

Now, onto other news....

I am now selling my kits in several stores! I am so excited to have been selected by these stores and I hope you check out not just my designs but the designs of other artists selling at these sites, too. I am not done setting up my kits in these stores, but very soon you can buy my stuff at these sites in addition to Divine Digital and I will let you know when I am open for business:

Once I get all my files in place I'll send out an email and let everyone know about it (i.e. SALE!!!) and I will also be posting updates here on my blog. I will be selling some of the same kits at all the stores but for some stores I will have exclusive products and special sales that apply just to individual stores. So be on the look out for good things coming soon!

I received several applications for my first CT and if you are interested, please apply! Just send me an email and I will give you the skinny on what I need and what I'm looking for with my CT. You can email me here: wetmiller@verizon.net

Lastly, I hoped to get a freebie out earlier this week but it looks like everyone will have to wait until tomorrow. I've had some sick kids and power outages due to storms so I'm a bit behind. But I will have one tomorrow so come on back! If you are itching for a freebie today, go buy my "Angler" kit because you get a free alpha!

And once again I leave you with some of my latest photographs---these are some ballet recital pictures of my friend's daughter and I just love these photos--makes me wish I had a daughter:

2 comments | Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So here's what I want to know......what do YOU want in my Christmas in July kit? What colors are you looking for other than red and green? Everyone will be doing red and green so I want to shake things up a bit and try some different color combos. What types of elements? What types of themes (i.e. beach xmas, ski vacation, old fashioned xmas, etc.)? This is your chance to help me design my kit for this event!!!! So give it to me...anything and everything will be considered! Send me an email with your ideas: cyndi@divinedigital.com

And I must say that my dog Ernie looks just superb on Divine Digital's homepage. She is now famous. My little lab is a cover girl. Check it out:

And this weekend I took some really fun backyard photos of my kids. Even though we belong to a pool, there are some days when getting the two boys in the car with all the swim toys and gear and going to the pool is just not worth it when you can fill the baby pool with water and sit back and watch the show. Here are some of my favorites and yes, that is Hank getting ready to eat my flowers in the last photo (he ate them):

Be back tomorrow with perhaps a freebie (I'm in the mood to create today)....



1 comments | Monday, June 11, 2007

I decided it was time to have a CT call. Interested? Check it out:

I am really hoping to get lots of applications and you don't have to be super experienced to apply. All skill levels will be considered! It is going to fun, you get free kits and I hope a great group of scrapping friends. Consider applying, what do you have to lose?

Now for more exciting news....I am the Divine Diva Deal Kit this Wednesday, June 13th at Divine Digital! I am so excited about this opportunity to share my designs at a much more visible level on the site. In addition to offering this great kit for just $2, I will be hosting a chat and challenge on June 20th. I hope you can join me as this will be my first chat and let's just say I'm nervous beyond belief that no one will show up! So come join me. I'm giving away freebies for participating in the chat and another freebie for completing the challenge. Hope to see you there! Here is a preview of the kit for the Divine Diva Deal Kit---just in time for Father's Day and all those fishing trip layouts:

To celebrate this great kit, I will have a wonderful "Angler" freebie this Friday, so come on back and pick it up. It will be fantastic and you don't want to miss it!

Have a great week and I'll see you Friday,

Cyndi, Wetfish Designs

0 comments | Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just a quick note to let everyone know that my newest kit "Cheers!" is now in stock at Divine Digital! If you purchased my grab bag, this has some of the same elements and papers (not many) but it coordinates with it beautifully, so consider purchasing this kit to go with it.

Also, this kit would be perfect to match up with my "Birthday Bash!" kit. Both are great kits to scrap all those birthday and summer parties.

So.....just for my email and blog customers I am having a sale on this kit between tonight and Sunday: Buy "Birthday Bash" and receive "Cheers!" FREE (yes, you read that correctly, FREE) if you purchase it by this Sunday, June 10th. How is that for a deal? Coupon code: cheers

Have a great rest of the week,


24 comments | Friday, June 01, 2007

Here is my first Friday Freebie for the month of June----"grab" it while you can (hint, hint). Click on the image to download and remember, personal use only and if you don't leave a comment I will just be so sad....

I just love today's freebie and the grab bag and the alpha...I hope you do, too! Inspiration for me comes from many different places and things. I was inspired by an ad in Martha Stewart Living when I created this kit (note the word kit, as when combined with my grab bag and alpha you've got the whole kit and kaboodle!). I am constantly ripping ads out of doctor's office magazines and destroying my own and I have ripped pages from magazines all over the place. It takes a lot of effort to keep them out of the mouth of my 9 month old as he would just love to eat paper if I let him.

And don't forget to stop by the Grab Bag Sale at Divine Digital and pick up lots of goodies from me and the other designers! All bags are $2 and are sure to be a great buy. My bag of fishy food has over 60 MB of product, and when you add that to the freebie I am giving away today AND the free matching alpha I will give you if you buy my grab bag, that is one heck of great deal. I'm probably saying way more than I should about my grab bag but I am determined to not be at the bottom of the bestseller list for grab bags this time around at Divine Digital. Makes a designer sad to see her name at the bottom of the list :(......

Now, the details on how to get your free alpha. When you purchase the grab bag at Divine Digital I get a copy of the invoice that has your email on it. I will send out all the free alphas tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday night. So if you purchase it today, you'll get your alpha tonight. If you purchase tomorrow, I'll send it to you Saturday night. You get it....The email you get will include a link to the alpha at 4shared. Now, go buy your grab bag so I can send you the alpha!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend shopping, downloading and scrapping!!!!!