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15 comments | Friday, August 31, 2007

Well, today was a long day. I'm just now getting around to posting these freebie frames that match my Divine Diva Deal, "Autumnal Blessings." I hope you like them!

Here is the link to "Autumnal Blessings"---it is just $2 for one week, ending next Wednesday! If you purchase it while it is the Divine Diva Deal I also send you the "leftovers" for free!

And here are some previews of the three freebie frames in tonight's freebie:

And here is the link to download the frames----remember, personal use only and hey, leave a comment!



1 comments | Monday, August 27, 2007

This week I am trying to promote my store at Moo Two Designs. If you spend at least $4 and forward me your invoice, I will give you this lovely paper pack that I am calling "English Manor." I hope to make a full kit with this at some point but for right now it is a set of 8 papers (12x12 300dpi) that you can get FREE by helping me out at Moo Two Designs:

Also, this Wednesday I start another Divine Diva Deal at Divine Digital. Check out what you can snag for $2---perfect for Fall layouts:

AND, I have a whole bunch of what I am calling "leftovers" that didn't make the "Autumnal Blessings" kit simply because it was too big. Before cutting it down I had over 65 elements! I will be giving these leftovers away to everyone who purchases "Autumnal Blessings" starting this Wednesday. I automatically get a copy of your invoice when you make a purchase from my store at Divine Digital, so no need to forward me an invoice. I will send out the gift with purcase when I receive the invoices. This promotion will be for one week only, from August 29th through September 5th. And, since this kit has no frames, this Friday I will be having some matching frames here on my blog! So make sure you pick up the kit so you can get the "leftovers" and stop here Friday for some matching frames.

2 comments | Friday, August 17, 2007

Spend $4 in my store at ScrappinFreestyle and I'll give you this paper pack FREE! There are 36 papers in Gypsy Garden---full of color and texture.

Grab it while you can for free--all you have to do is email me a copy of your invoice indicating a sale of at least $4 from my store and I'll send you the links to the paper pack. It is that easy! Send you invoice copy to cyndi@divinedigital.com


I forgot to resize the papers to 12x12 before uploading last night---can you tell I was tired? Well I fixed them and reuploaded them. So they are good to go now! If you downloaded them prior to this fix just resize them before using them to 3600x3600 (they were 400x400). Sorry!!!!!

6 comments | Thursday, August 16, 2007

Well it is official---I need a vacation from my vacation. As much fun as it was to visit the great state of Maine and see my boys play with their cousins that they don't often get to see, it was exhausting. Here are some pics (I couldn't resist sharing....):

The first two are of my niece, Emilie....I can't believe she is getting old enough to drive soon! Anyway I always tease her that she should be a model because the camera really loves her. These are two of many I took of her that I love... I think she could double for Jennifer Garner...

And the rest are just landscape shots and stuff I found interesting while poking around the area with my camera....

But there is no place like home and I am glad to be back with my hubby, dogs, cats and even the goldfish that I thought for sure would be down the toilet before I got home. But my hubby took good care of them and they are still with us. So are my flower pots in front of the house. He remembered to water them for me :) I am still finding sand in many cracks and crevices of my boys as I give them a bath each night and I am sure one of them ate a small crab so I've been watching the diapers like crazy not wanting to see when the crab makes an appearance---YUCK!!!

Now onto business...

New kits were put in many of my stores upon my return. I worked on these while I was away. Here are some previews---sales and coupon codes for these new babies provided at the end of the preview:

Here are the sales going on with my kits at the various stores I am in--go grab a bargain!

Moo Two Designs: These items are 25% off right now
Store Link:

Heaven Sent Paper and Element Pack: Now $1.88 each
Mozart Paper and Element Pack: Now $1.88 each
Banana Split Paper and Element Pack: Now $1.88 each
Gypsy Garden Element Pack and Paper Pack: Now $3.75 each
Juicy Paper Pack: Now $1.88 each
Mozart Paper and Element Pack: Now $1.50 each

ScrappinFreestyle: I've had NO sales (meaning no one has bought anything there yet!) at this store so spend $4 or more at ScrappinFreestyle during the month of August and you will get my Gypsy Garden Paper Pack FREE!!!! When I receive an invoice notification from the store, I'll email you your paper pack coupon. It might not be the same day, so be patient, you'll get it.
Store Link:

Banana Split Paper and Element Pack: Now $1.88 each
Gypsy Garden Paper and Element Pack: Now $2.00 each
Pool Party Full Kit: Now $2.80
Texture Overlay Set One: Now $7.50
Texture Overlay Set Two: Now $6.75

Divine Digital
Store Link:

I slashed prices on numerous items and there are some new coupon codes and old coupon codes that haven't expired. Remember, only one coupon can be used per order so if you want to use several coupons, shop one item at a time. Here are the coupon codes, followed by the discount info:

mozartrocks: 40% off Mozart Paper Pack
heavensent: 40% off Heaven Sent Paper Pack
overlayone: Get $2 off Texture Overlay Set One
overlaytwo: Get $2 off Texture Overlay Set Two
otis: Get 10% off Preppy Girl Paper Pack
Thank You: Get 25% off when you spend more than $1
fish food: Get $1 off Sandy Days (which I just marked down!)

ScrapProfessor: My ENTIRE store is 25% off!
Store link:

Have a great weekend here is my Fishy Friday "Pirate" Freebie!!!! Click on the image to download leave a comment if you snag it and remember, personal use only!



1 comments | Saturday, August 04, 2007

I just uploaded "Gypsy Garden" at Divine Digital. This HUGE kit has 36 colorful, whimsical papers and 49 elements. Priced at $8, you can receive 40% off for a limited time when you use the coupon code gypsy. Remember to enter the code before checking out! Here is the link to the kit and here are some previews:

Have a great weekend,

8 comments | Friday, August 03, 2007

Today I am giving away a sampler from "Gypsy Garden" one of the new kits I will be putting in my stores tonight (hopefully!). Here is a look at the kit in closer detail:

I'm also really excited about this kit because it is part of my sponsorship package for the "One Little Word" blog contest on August 8th. If you don't know anything about this blog or the contest they run every other Wednesday, check out their site! In addition to this kit, I'm giving away several other smaller kits as a part of my sponsorship package. Join in the fun on Wednesday and you might be a winner!

Here is the freebie for today and I hope you like it enough to leave a comment when you download and pass the word on if you have a blog to send other scrappers here to pick it up! I've also enclosed a coupon in the zip that you can use to purchase "Gypsy Garden" at 40% off when it is in the store at Divine Digital. Click on the image to download and remember, personal use only!

Also, over at Scraphead my exclusive kit "Grandpa's Closet Paper Pack" is 25% off throughout the month of August. Use code: GRCL807 as you check out! Click on the image to get the product at Scraphead!

And over at ScrappinFreestyle, my Banana Split Paper Pack and Element Pack are 25% off, too!

Have a great weekend!



9 comments | Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Well, Henry's first birthday was a success....I think he liked eating his cake more than anything else. Judge for yourself:

And the big news today is that I have a new kit that I'm really excited about at Scraphead. This is an exclusive kit for Scraphead and you cannot buy it anywhere else!

And here is a closer look at some of the papers in the kit---the previews don't do justice to any kits as you can't really see the print or texture of the papers:

And here is the freebie for today---click on the image to download and remember, personal use only and comments are read and appreciated!

And here is a preview of the next kit to hit my stores---"Gypsy Garden!" It should arrive sometime later this week. I hope you like it and stop back this Friday because my freebie will be an add-on to this kit!

Have a great rest of the week and stop back Friday for a fishy freebie!!!!