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6 comments | Sunday, August 31, 2008

I have a new coupon for last minute Labor Day deals!!!

If you haven't "bought my store" and want to, use this coupon and you will get the "Buy My Store" products plus the new vintage products I have in the "Labor Day Special". And then you will have my entire store as it is today!!! This coupon expires tomorrow, that's Labor Day, at midnight. So use it while you can!

Put both items in your cart and this coupon code in the redeem coupon box at the bottom of your shopping cart page:


Make sure the "Buy My Store" and the "Labor Day Special" are in your cart and you will get $20 off your order, which means the "Labor Day Special" is free. Here are the links to the products:



And if you've already purchased both of these items, here is a coupon for you to use later since you already have my entire store on your hard drive:

Put $20 of my products in your cart and you will get 75% off your next order. This coupon is good until October 1st. I will have a lot of new things in my store over the next few weeks, so keep watching. Here is the coupon code:


And don't forget that today is the last day to purchase the "August Double" commercial use grab bag. It contains six sets of commercial use overlays---36 overlays total. You can see all the overlays at Strictly Reveal.


Grab it here:


And of course I didn't forget about the last "Under the Big Top" freebie. I always save the best for last. This one includes lots of fun stuff--an alpha and some circus animals. Click on the image to download and say "hi" when you do.....

And here is the "Under the Big Top" Day 31 freebie that you can download at Divine Digital IN THIS THREAD:

When I posted this blog post it was still showing yesterday's download, but be patient it will be there eventually.....:)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the sales and the freebies,


2 comments | Friday, August 29, 2008

Not only is it freebie Friday, it is also the Friday of Labor Day weekend. And you know me, any excuse to have a sale or a ridiculous special I grab the chance. So I have an incredible offer for you today....keep reading!

First, let me introduce to you my newest product, "Worn Out Elements." I used these elements to make today's quickpage freebie. Click on the image to get to it in my store. Unlike my other vintage products, this set is Personal Use Only. But it comes with a cheaper price, only $3, so I hope you like it and find great uses for these shabby elements in your layouts.

Now for my Labor Day special: Get all my NEW vintage commercial use products for $20!!!! Yes, you read that right...$20!!! Thirteen products in all that would normally be $78 if purchased individually.

These products were added to my store on or after Monday, August 25th. These items were not included in the "Buy My Store" promotion. This special will end at midnight on Labor Day.

Here is the link to the special:


For $20 you get the following products:

Fun and Games Sets 1-4

Rod and Reel Sets 1 & 2

Hats OffOut of Tune Sets 1 & 2

Horsing Around Sets 1 & 2

Newspapered Up Sets 1 & 2

This is a savings of $58, so grab it while you can. If you are looking to stock up on some new commercial use products that are vintage and fun, this is the special you've been waiting for!!!!

And I wanted to let all my blog readers and customers know about my good friend Rebecca's sale at Divine Digital this weekend.....great albums and great savings! Click on the image to get to her SNAPlet boutique at Divine Digital:

I have a little freebie for you today that I made from my new element set, "Worn Out Elements." I also used several fantastic commercial use freebies from Gunhild Storeide. So I must yell out a "thanks" to her. The freebie is just a quickpage but it will give you a better idea of what "Worn Out Elements" is like, as well as my other vintage products. Click on the image to download and say "hi" when you do.....

Have a fantastic Labor Day Weekend and I'll be back on Sunday with my last "Under the Big Top" freebie.



2 comments | Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have three new items in my store today you might want to check out....images are clickable:

And here are the "Under the Big Top" blog freebies for today....enjoy! Click on the image for download:

Not much time to chat today, but I wanted to make sure I got these posted.

Have a great day,

Cyndi, Wetfish Designs

4 comments | Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Well, more new stuff today. All vintage, so for those of you who like my vintage line this stuff is right up your alley. Five new products in all, and all are vintage catalog pages that can easily be turned into overlays, papers or elements. You could even extract the images from the papers for some unique brushes and custom shapes.

And, to help you get them onto your hard drive, let me remind you of the coupon that I put out the other day that is only good until August 31st:


Get 40% off your order if you spend $15 or more using this coupon code.

Here is the link to my store:


And here is a sampler from the "Fun and Games" products I just released today. These papers are not in any of the four sets I just put up for sale and they will not be in any other set. These are commercial use freebies for you to try out my new vintage stuff and play with it to make fun things for your customers. No credit required, but it is always nice to get it. Click on the image to download and say hi if you do:


Cyndi, Wetfish Designs

9 comments | Monday, August 25, 2008

Lots of stuff to showcase today, that's for sure.....I can't believe I got it all done!

Let's start with the all the new stuff I loaded in the store today. Wow, that was a lot of work. Not only making the previews takes a lot of time but uploading them via ftp and then loading them into my store takes a lot of time, too. Hard to do with two little ones running around!

And, before we move onto the new product previews (which are all clickable---just click on the product to get to it in my store), until August 31st you can save 40% on all orders over $15. Use the coupon code newfishstuff and make sure you put the coupon in the box at the bottom of the shopping cart page prior to moving on to check out in order to redeem the savings. And, I had several requests to keep my Olympic "buy my store" product available until the end of August, aka payday. So if you want, you can still purchase my store for $50 BUT all the new products added today and from this point forward are not included in that deal. Okay? I don't want anyone mad at me!!!

The only personal use product I have that is new is "A Lot of Felt." And let me tell you, there is a lot of felt here for $5. Thirty pieces in a wonderful array of colors. Check it out:

Next we have the overlays.....lots of fun overlays for you to play with and make cool papers:

Now, after sifting through all of the above, you deserve these....click on the image to download......

And believe it or not, they'll be more new stuff tomorrow. I just have to finish previews and upload them. I am dedicating myself to scrapping all the photos I haven't been able to scrap this summer. So I'm getting all the new products in the store to free up a little time to scrap. And, if you didn't know this, I am now on the Administration Team at Divine Digital. I need to have some time to learn the ropes. So after I get all this new stock in my store, there won't be much new until the end of September. Or so I say....LOL

Enjoy the freebies and leave a comment and say hi if you download,



4 comments | Sunday, August 24, 2008

Today is the last day to purchase my store for $50 since the Olympics come to a close tonight. Tomorrow this opportunity will be gone. So click on the image to get to the product in my store and if you are on my email list don't forget your coupon......:)

Today is also the first day of the "Divine Blessings", a week long baby event to honor the upcoming birth of Laura White's (princesslala) baby boy. My game is the "Celebrity Baby Game" and I just posted the first game teaser this morning. Find out more about how to play and what you can win in this thread:

And I was working on some new products last night to put in my store in September and I decided to gift these two commercial use vintage catalog papers to you. The represent the "Fun and Games" products that will be soon arriving. This is a series of vintage catalog papers, Montgomary Ward circa 1952, that are all about anything fun and anything game. Enjoy these commercial use okay freebies....perfect for making overlays, papers and elements. Click on the image to download. Please say hi and send friends here to download, don't share the link. Thanks!

Off to clean my house.....have a great Sunday!

See you tomorrow for Day 25 of "Under the Big Top" freebies,


12 comments | Friday, August 22, 2008

Today is triple freebie day!!!! Not only do I have two Day 22 "Under the Big Top" freebies, I have a double whammy commercial use freebie that has two vintage fishing catalog pages that would be great for fishing pages or designs.

Here is the first freebie which you can download at Divine Digital IN THIS THREAD....you can also click on the image to get there!

And here is the "Under the Big Top" Day 22 blog freebie......click to download and please say hi, I'm lonely today!

And here is the super fun fishing duo, "Rod and Reel Sampler." Click to download and both of these freebies are for personal OR commercial use. No credit required but it is always nice to see when someone does take the time to give me credit :)

At the end of August I'll be putting a huge number of new products in my store. Here is a glimpse of what is up and coming---still many more previews to make and I am doing two collabs in September---one with Royanna and one with the "other Cindy" at Divine Digital, Cindy Ritter---lots of fun on the way:

I'm exhausted just posting all the previews here on blogger!!!!
Have a great weekend, enjoy the freebies and have fun with them if you download.

4 comments | Thursday, August 21, 2008

I have some last minute Olympic special for those who are not buying my store. Since the USA team has 28 gold medals, as of this morning on MSNBC, spend simply $5 or more in my store and you will get $2.80 off your order with this coupon code: goforgold

Or, spend ten dollars and receive 28% off your order if you use the coupon code goldendreams
Each coupon expires August 25th and can only be used once. You can, however, you use both if you wish.
Lastly, here is the CU freebie I have for you today. It is a sampler from a new series of commercial use products I will be putting in the store September 1st. I will have a lot of new products to put in my store that day so Labor Day will actually be quite laboring (is that even a word? I'm so tired I can't even recall.....). Click on the image to download and this one is commercial use okay. If you like it, you'll like the two "newspapered up" products I just finished last night! Each has six grunged up old newspapers for use as overlays or in making papers or elements. Lots of possibilities.....

And make sure you check in tomorrow for Day 22 "Under the Big Top" Blog Freebie and another sampler from a new CU product I'll be putting in the store September 1st.

Have a great day,

Cyndi, Wetfish Designs

5 comments | Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Well, it is my day as the featured designer for "Under the Big Top, " so that means freebies here and freebies at Divine Digital IN THIS THREAD. Here is what I've got for you today--images are clickable:

To download this freebie, click on the image to get to the freebie at 4shared:

Not much time to blog this morning as it will be a full day of potty training with both boys taking part. I think my youngest enjoys the idea of no diapers more than more oldest, as he loves nothing more than to rip off his diaper (regardless of what may be in it) and run "balls to the wind" as my sister calls it. My oldest on the other hand is determined not to perform "the deed" for me or anyone else. He can't start preschool unless he is potty trained and as the first day of school draws closer and closer he doesn't seem to want to relinquish the control in any way whatsover. It may take us dropping his little brother off at school and leaving with him having to come with mommy instead of staying at school with his friends for him to give in and accept the fate of the toilet. For those of you that have had this lovely experience, I'm sure you can understand the time this is taking and the stress this whole house is dealing with---constant tantrums which escalate every time his little brother is successful on the potty and he is not. He tells me that this is just not supposed to happen, his little brother is supposed to poop on the potty after he does. And I tell him it isn't too late, he can still catch up. But does he listen? No. He just goes and runs to a hiding place to poop in his spiderman underwear. So, I have my work cut out for me and it is a shame because it is a beautiful day and we should be outside playing at the park or swimming. Instead it is me, two boys and a bathroom. Oh well, l've got fingers and toes crossed that today will be the day it happens.

Lastly, a reminder for those who might have missed this announcement:


Wetfish Designs and Strictly Reveal have teamed up for a special promotion for you! During the Olympics, Wetfish Designs is offering a very special “Buy My Store” deal for $50.

I am giving away FIVE of these deals to Strictly Reveal readers! So, how do you get the free store? Be the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, or 50th person to buy my August Double GRAB BAG - and this is VERY IMPORTANT - who notes “Strictly Reveal” upon checkout! This bag has been revealed at Strictly Revealed so you can go and see what is in it by clicking on the link above...

So, buy my August GRAB BAG - and be sure to note “Strictly Reveal” upon Checkout! And if you are #10, #20, #30, #40 or #50 - you will get her Buy Her Store promotion for free!

As of 9:09 this morning I am two sales away from giving away my store......so don't miss out on this chance to win.

Important Note about this Contest:

If you purchased my "August Double" prior to this contest, I am going to have a similar contest this week for you. I will be sending out an email to my email list. When you get it be the 1oth, 20th, 30th, 40th or 50th customer to email me your invoice showing your "August Double" purchase and you will win the store. Don't have an invoice? Send me an email anyway and I will look it up. I will just need the email address you used for the purchase to find you in my invoice folder. Look for this email to go out later this week, on Wednesday or Thursday. Don't send me your email containing your invoice until you get the email announcing that this contest has begun! And once it starts you can only send it in once (sorry, I can hardly handle the amount of email I already get!!!)

I'll blog again on Friday when I have my Day 22 freebies for you.



11 comments | Saturday, August 16, 2008

That's right, I decided put the whole kit and kaboodle up for sale. Just for the rest of the Olympics, you can purchase my entire store, including all commerical use items and stock photos and personal use kits, for $50. How did I come up with that number? 50 states equals $50. Trying to be patriotic I guess but also trying to get some new customers to "try me out." Whenever I have sales like this I get a lot of people as first time customers which is the purpose really, although I like giving my regular customers bargains, too. So, I came up with this sale to buy my store, which I only plan on doing once a year. So for 2008, this is your chance. And you have until the last day of the Olympics to grab it and run......so click on the image to purchase my store. And even if you have some of my stuff, you aren't going to get a better deal than this to pick up the other stuff you may not have and would like to add to your designing arsenal or personal scrapping library. So go. Go now. Run to my store like you are in the Olympics making a mad dash down the track.......because in a very short time this opportunity will be gone.

And today I am up as the featured designer for "Under the Big Top," the Divine Digital Download a Day for August. The first image is the freebie you can download IN THIS THREAD at Divine Digital for only 24 hours, so get running to that thread like you are in the Olympics, too. And here is the blog freebie for today, Day 16. Click on the image to download and say hi when you do:

And I took a picture of a chalk board that someone had drawn on in Maine. I decided to make it into an overlay and give it out as a CU freebie since it is so pretty and I just love the message. This is just a quick sample I made with it, not a true paper by any means. Click on the image to download, it is commercial use okay and no credit is required but saying thanks and leaving me a "hello" here or on 4shared would be nice:

Lastly, here are some more scenic shot of Maine. My "darling" little boys are not behaving today and driving their mommy nutso. therefore posting their photos today is not an option, unless they are photos of them having a tantrum. My youngest son has suddenly discovered his strength and his ability to throw things, hard and fast. Yesterday his brother and I were dodging cars, trucks, balls---just about anything he could throw he threw at me or his brother he did whenever he was mad. Which was basically all day since he woke up with the crankies and was miserable all day and night.....So enjoy these images of someplace peaceful and serene....not at all like my house today or yesterday:

See you on Tuesday with another "Under the Big Top" freebie!