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10 comments | Friday, July 24, 2009

Before I hand over the "Night Before Christmas" stocking stuffer that I have for you (and it's a good one and commerical use!), check out what is going on as I move in some of my products over at DigiScrapWarehouse:

Link to My DSW Boutique:

These products are BRAND NEW, $2 and for right now they are exclusive to DSW--click on each preview to get to it in my DSW boutique:

As the ad above indicates, ALL my items at DSW are reduced to $2 until August 1st. So get on over there before the sale ends!

Now here is the "Night Before Christmas" Stocking Stuffer that I have for you. If you are a designer, this set of CU glitter styles for Photoshop and PSE will be perfect for all your designs, not just holiday ones. They are created in the colors from the palette used for the Christmas in July Mega Kit (free with a single purchase of $2! forward your invoice to divinecyndi@gmail.com) Included is the ASL files and the 4x4 glitter squares in case you don't have PS or PSE and want to work with them.

Click on the preview to download and please don't share the link, encourage friends to come here and visit.

And don't forget to sign up for my subscriber list if you want to snag this "Bella Rustica" freebie tomorrow! Only subscribers can get my freebies for "Bella Rustica," so don't miss out! Send an email to cyndi@divinedigital.com and put "subscribe" in the subject line and I will send you the freebies for the days you've missed so far with "Bella Rustica" and the freebie for tomorrow, Day 25.

And this is the freebie that will be available in the "Bella Rustica" Download a Day thread at Divine Digital:
Remember, each link is only active for 24 hours so don't miss out, subsribe to the thread so you are notified when the new links are posted!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the "stocking stuffer" I have for you and all the other Christmas in July festivities at Divine Digital.
Cyndi, Wetfish Designs