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51 comments | Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wow, I can hardly believe it has been July since I blogged. I am THE worst blogger! And now that I am here to blog this will be a long post because obviously I haven't blogged in a long time and therefore I must blog my heart out! And please excuse the appearance of my blog. I tried to change the skin and messed everything up. Why of why did I try and do this the day before the blog train leaves the station? That is the question. And I have no idea. But I do know that customizing my blog is going to be a lot harder and take a lot more time than I thought it would!

I have been really busy designing lately and a lot of new products are in all three of my stores. Yes you read that right, 3 stores! In addition to my home at Divine Digital where I remain a Partner and active designer, I have a store at Digitals and DigiScrapWarehouse.

Here's a look at some of the many new products I have in my stores---all are on sale so go check them out!

And there is so much more in my stores that I would love to show off here today but I know many of you are anxious for your "birthday treat" and your "Thankful" Blog Train Mini Kit, right? Well, here you go....

This is my portion of the "Thankful" kit for the blog train. I just loved the colors as autumn is my favorite season and these colors helped get me in the mood for fall, sweaters, seeing my breath in the air outside and walks in the leaves. Click on the image to download and please leave a comment and let me know what you think....

And here is the blog train list so you know where to go to get the rest of the "Thankful" kit.....and remember to leave a comment on these other designers' blogs, too!

First up is the Blog Train Blog, the hub of all thinks blog train:

Now the designers:

*TotallyD Designs: http://totally-d.com/Blog

*Christie Lemmon Designs: http://www.christielemmondesigns.com/

*Fishbowl Designs: http://fishbowl-designs.com/

*Delicious Scraps: http://deliciousscraps.com/

*Creative Victorian Designs: http://creativevictorian.blogspot.com/

*mITSYBELLE Designs: http://mitsybelle.com/blog/

*Dorky Mommy Designs: http://dorkymommy.blogspot.com/

*HotFlashDesigns: http://p-u-s-h.typepad.com/

*Cyndi Wetmiller, Wetfish Designs: http://www.wetfishscraps.blogspot.com/ YOU AER HERE

*MoonChylde Creations: http://moonchylde906.blogspot.com/

*Ingeborg(ikscrap): http://www.ikscrap.nl/

*DIGI_licious Designs: http://digilicious.typepad.com/

*Misty O'Brien Designs: http://scrappaperie.blogspot.com/

*Creations By Rachael: http://creationsbyrachaelb.com/

*Digital Artistry by Nicole: http://crop-a-holic.blogspot.com/

*Smooth Sailing Designs: http://myplaceintimelaura.blogspot.com/

*Designs by Jen Yurko: http://blog.jenyurko.com/

*Graham Like the Cracker: http://gltcblog.wyldgrahamcrackers.com/

*MoonIsGone Designs: http://moonisgone.blogspot.com/

*Girlboheme Studio's: http://girlboheme.com/

*shanmomto4 designs: http://www.shanmomto4designs.com/

*Gone Scrappin Designs: http://gonescrappindesigns.com/blog

*Digiscrapping with Debbers: http://peekatdebscreen.blogspot.com/

Wow, that was a long list. And that means a LOT of "Thankful" freebies out there! Have fun grabbing them all!

Digitals, one of the new stores where I am selling my designs, turns 5 years old this week! Isn't that great? Well, to celebrate some of the designers are putting little birthday gifts on their blogs. So of course, you get one from me, too!

Here is mine...a set of Commercial Use Texture Overlays, "Paperific Set 1." There are four JPEG images included, 12x12/300dpi, and they are great for blending and mixing to get the perfect texture and feel to your papers. Again, commercial use okay. Click on the preview to download and please leave a comment, okay?

Check out all my other products at Digitals, too! Here is a link to my boutique there and I have a bunch of stuff on sale (like two grab bags!):

The following Digitals designers are also showering you with gifts on their blogs to help Digitals celebrate, too. Some are offering one gift for the duration of the celebration and some will be changing them each day. Please refer to the individual blogs for details.

Sarah Meyer (SarahB Designs): http://blog.sarahbdesigns.net/

Karla (Lifesong Kreations): http://lifesongkreations.blogspot.com/

Cyndi Wetmiller/Wetfish designs: http://www.wetfishscraps.blogspot.com/ YOU ARE HERE

And, to further celebrate Digitals' 5th birthday, there is a grab bag sale going on! I have two grab bags in the store. The commercial use and personal use bags each contain 4 brand new products. So celebrate and grab a deal! Click on the previews to get to the grab bags in my Digitals boutique...

Thanks for stopping by during your blog train and birthday travels! Enjoy the freebies and I hope you go and check out some of my new stuff and snag it all while it is on sale.