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3 comments | Wednesday, June 24, 2009

31 comments | Monday, June 01, 2009

Well, I have two blog train goodies for you today! I am participating in the ADSD "Soft Denim" Blog Train Collab and the "My Favorite Guy" Blog Train this month. So let's get started....

This is my "My Favorite Guy" little kit (photos not included--LOL)! Here is the link to download and remember, personal use only and PLEASE don't share the links, send friends here to download. There is no place to leave a comment for this kit but here, so please leave a comment so I know who came by to visit! Also, for my kit I used mostly all Royanna Fritschmann's/Studio RA Designs products from the "Flea Market Couture CU Collab" which is totally awsome if I do say so myself (I'm one of the three designers, along with Foxy Designs). Here is a link to this CU Collab that includes 12 products for $6:

Link to freebie:

And here are all the other designers that have a "My Favorite Guy" freebie for you, so go visit them and make sure you leave a comment when you download:

Trish H Designs http://trishhdesigns.blogspot.com
JayaPrem's Hangout http://scraps-by-jayaprem.blogspot.com
Northern Lights Designs http://northernlightsdesign.blogspot.com/
Ramona http://www.browniescraps.com/blog
Little Miss Shazbutt http://little-miss-shazbutt.com/
Carjazi Designs http://www.carjazidesigns.com
Kiss This Designs http://littlebitofthisandalittlebito....blogspot.com/
Designs by Laura http://designsbylaurajames.blogspot.com/
Heather Hill Designs http://heatherhilldesigns.blogspot.com/ Spinky Dink Scraps http://www.spinkydinkscraps.com
Kalo Designs http://kalodesigns.com/wordpress/
December Daydream http://decemberdaydream.blogspot.com
Duchess Designs http://duchessdesigns.blogspot.com
BON SCRAPATIT DESIGNS http://bonscrapatitdesigns.blogspot.com
Wyld Web Designs http://wyldwebdesigns.com/wordpress/
Shrkmoms Creations http://www.shrkmomscreations.blogspot.com
Cyndi Wetmiller, Wetfish Deisgns www.wetfishscraps.blogspot.com (YOU ARE HERE!)
Deb Fisher http://debfdigiscraps.com/designs/
Princess Lala Designs www.princesslaladesigns.com
Ashalee Wall Designs http://ashaleewall.com/blog/
Royanna Fritschmann http://royanna.blogspot.com/
A-liya http://a-liya.blogspot.com/
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Pause between blog trains for a promo of my newest kit....

"Department of Transportation" is a fun kit that is full of all things that go beep, zoom and vroom! Perfect for scrapping the little guys in your life! On sale for just $2! Grab it here:


For the ADSD "Soft Denim" Blog Train I made a paperpack of eight papers.

There are two download links for this one, and remember once again that this is personal use and please send friends here to download and leave a comment here or on 4shared:



And to grab the rest of the "Soft Denim" goodies, visit this site for a list of all the designers and links to their blogs:


Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the blog train rides today!


Cyndi, Wetfish Designs