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14 comments | Friday, November 27, 2009

Today is the first day of the Divine Digital Holiday Trunk Show and in addition to having some super cute freebies "hidden" in the forums (http://www.divinedigital.com/forum/index.php), there are grab bags on sale, new holiday items decorating the halls of the site and some of the designers are giving away some freebies on their blogs.

So here is my freebie.....the first freebie that is hidden in the forums. I hope you like it :) It is a brag book page made from my Thankgiving kit, "From Whom All Blessings Flow."

You have to go find it though :) But not until you finish reading this post or you might miss something!

And here is the freebie I made "just because I felt like it" for my giveaway. It is made from a number of elements, mostly nature and I think it will make a great quickpage for any winter layout. Remember, as always, personal use only, read my TOU and please refer friends here to download, don't share the link. Click to download and say hi on here, this blog, when you do.

I have not blogged in ages, but that's about to change. I'm working with the infamous "Flergs" to redesign my blog and I can't wait until it is customized with all things me--vintage, ecclectic and fun. I am hoping to get the new blog up before Christmas, so keep your eyes peeled for my beeeautiful new blog, okay?

So Black Friday. Not once in my life have I ever gone shopping on Black Friday. In my house that was just something you didn't do. And today when I tired to call my mom, she didn't answer. Not at home and not on her cell. Where was she? SHOPPING!!!! Not fair, especially since we were supposed to be in Pittsburgh for Turkey Day but stayed behind due to my youngest son getting hurt and suffering a concussion. He's still walking around with a swollen head and today we spent the entire day at the hospital getting a sedated CAT Scan. So if I am thankful for anything this Thanksgiving it is that he is alive, well and whatever is going on will not be permanent damage. It has been a rough couple days and I haven't slept AT ALL while his head is all swollen like this. So I am behind on everything, including my Black Friday sale. "What Black Friday Sale?" Yeah, well there isn't one. All the time I had set aside for getting new stuff in my boutiques and sale prices on older stuff went to curb when Henry hit is head. So I don't have one new product for you on this day of shopping madness.
But, in true Wetfish fashion, I have a coupon and you can use it at Divine Digital to save 60% off any order over $2. That's about as much as I can discount without giving it away! So here are your letters and numbers:

Link to Boutique:

Coupon Info:

60% off any $2 or more order:
Code: crazycyndi

Expires 12/1/09

Here are a few items you might want to snag:

So as your mad shopping that is Black Friday comes to a close, enjoy these freebies and keep checking back for my new blog!

Peace and Blessings.


15 comments | Saturday, November 07, 2009

Sadly, I start this post with a photo of my cat, Buc, who passed away yesterday. He was a wonderful cat, the first pet my husband and I got together. There is a big hole in my heart where he used to be and I've been struggling yesterday and today with his loss.

Now, on to DSD...

I have a lot going on in my three stores. As you know, Divine Digital was hacked and files destroyed. Royanna has been working around the clock to get us up and running for DSD but as of the time of this post the boutique still wasn't back up. The forums, where there are LOTS of DSD activities going on are open and there is a contest going on. So go REREGISTER in the forums and you may just win something BIG:


I have sales going on at DSW and Digitals, so make sure you take advantage of those sales. Each store has different products and some of the same products, so find the best deal:

Digitals' Boutique:


DSW Boutique:


If you are shopping at DSW, ALL my products are $2 and here is a coupon code to take 50% off all orders that are equal to or more than $12:


Now here is a look at just a few of the products I thought might catch your eye in my boutiques today....

And last, but not least is my NSD freebie for everyone. This is a set of frames called "Framing Christmas." It includes 4 emellished frames that are perfect to add to your holiday layouts. This is the second in a series of frames, the first being "Framing Fall" which you can see just above. I will have more of this series coming out next week. But for today, you all get this set FREE! Just click on the image to download and leave a comment here when you do. As always, please don't share this link with anyone. Tell them to come here and download. Thanks! Oh, and this is personal use...
Click on the image to download...

Before I end this post I just want to remind everyone that if you aren't on my newsletter list, get on it by sending an email to cyndi at divinedigital.com and put "subscribe" in the subject line. I try and send out a newsletter every week and a coupon and a freebie. So get on the list!
Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day celebrating Digital Scrapbooking!