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42 comments | Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring has sprung! At least as far as the Blog Train is concerned! I have a fun mini kit for you, "Spring Blossoms" and links to all the other designers participating in this blog train at the end of this post. But first.......

A new kit! This is the companion kit to my "Boys Just Want to Have FUN!" but this one is for girls! Enjoy 18 papers and 46 unique elements as you scrap the girls in your life. Personal use and Scrap for Hire okay. Check it out:

You'll find "Girls Just Want to Have FUN!" here in my boutique at Divine Digital:

And if you haven't checked out "Boys Just Want to Have FUN!" here it is and the link to the kit in my boutique is below the preview:

And here is the coordinating quickpage album.....

And of course, I have to show off my Earth Day kit for this year, "this is...OUR earth"

Grab it here on sale for $3.99 and as a special bonus you will get last year's Earth Day kit, "this is...my earth" FREE (download links already included, no coupon needed):


And if you like any of the above new products, why not use this coupon that I have put out to celebrate my son's fourth birthday. You will get 40% off any order over $2 and it doesn't expire to April 15th. So grab the goods while they are new and save at the same time!

On my mailing list yet? Well, get on it!

And finally, what you've been waiting for, my contribution to the "Spring Blossoms" Blog Train Kit.

Click on the preview above to download...and please say hi when you do! The next stop on the blog train is HERE:


I had a lot of fun making this little kit and I hope you enjoy it and all the other great contributions the designers below have waiting for you:

Cassel - http://creationcassel.com/blog

JayaPrem's Hangout http://www.scraps-by-jayaprem.blogspot.com/

Duchess Designs http://duchessdesigns.blogspot.com/

Creative Victorian Designs http://creativevictorian.blogspot.com/

Project B Designs - http://biebies.blogspot.com/

Kiss Designs http://littlebitofthisandalittlebito....blogspot.com/

MoonDesigns http://moon7x4.blogspot.com/

Flutter Expressions http://www.flutterexpressions.blogspot.com/

Pixie Perfect Designs www.pixieperfectdesigns.com/blog

Purely Pixels http://purelypixels.blogspot.com/

SuzyQ Scraps http://suzyqscraps.blogspot.com/

Carjazi Designs http://www.carjazidesigns.com/

Designs by CAZ http://caz38.blogspot.com/

Spinky Dink Scraps http://www.spinkydinkscraps.blogspot.com/

Monna http://www.monnalainson.blogspot.com/

Kalo Designs http://kalodesigns.com/wordpress/

Charlie's Digiscraps http://charliesdigiscraps.blogspot.com/

Jill DZines http://jilldzines.blogspot.com/

Inspiredbydominic Designs http://www.inspiredbydominicdesigns.blogspot.com/

ScrapKitten Designs http://www.jessiesscrappyfinds.blogspot.com/

Randi Oh Designs http://www.randioh.com/

Chaos Lounge http://jen-at-chaos-lounge.blogspot.com/

KimB http://www.kimbsdesigns.blogspot.com/

A-liya http://a-liya.blogspot.com/

armina designs http://www.arminadesigns.com/blog

Bon Scrapatit Designs http://bonscrapatitdesigns.blogspot.com/

Laura M Designs http://myplaceintimelaura.blogspot.com/

Bonnie van Esch Designs http://bouncingbonbon.blogspot.com/

LiviaY Designs http://liviascorner.blogspot.com/

MoveFearlessly Designs http://movefearlessly.com/blog

HotFlashDesigns http://p-u-s-h.typepad.com/

Designs By Sassy http://sassyscrappin.typepad.com/

D2C "Joelle" http://www.design2create.blogspot.com/

Digitalegacies Designs http://chroniclesofnani.blogspot.com/

mITSYBELLE http://mitsybelle.blogspot.com/

Deb Fisher http://debfdigiscraps.com/designs/

Wimpychompers http://wimpychomperscreations.blogspot.com/

A+Designs http://aplusdesigns.blogspot.com/

Red Leaf DigiScrapping http://www.redleafdigiscrapping.com/

Fairytale Studios http://fairytalestudioscraps.com/weblog

Steel City Scraps: http://www.lemmoncityproductions.com/

Designs by Lisa Minor http://ronimasil.blogspot.com/

Digi Overdose http://digioverdose.com/blogsimply.scraps


Youandi DigiDesign by Fryske http://fryskesdigiscraps.blogspot.com/

Little Dragon Designs http://littledragondesigns.blogspot.com/

Brandy Designs http://www.brandy-designs.blogspot.com/

Sharia Braxton http://scrapilicious2.blogspot.com/

Trish H Designs http://trishhdesigns.blogspot.com/

AliSarah Designs http://scrappincuteness.blogspot.com/

Amy Head http://scrapdaily.blogspot.com/

Casey Krause http://prettyscrappy.blogspot.com/

Blind Sight Desings http://www.blind-sight.org/blog

Tahera http://scrapbookartstudio.wordpress.com/

Dorothy'sCreations http://dorothyscreationss.blogspot.com/

Creations by Rachel http://creationsbyrachael.blogspot.com/

Barb Speck http://www.barbspeck.blogspot.com/

Rustry Alfred http://jackedurscraps.blogspot.com/

Scrappers Workshop http://www.scrappersworkshop.com/blog

Mels World http://mels-world1.blogspot.com/

Lynne Simmons http://www.digidigs.blogspot.com/

Charlize's Art http://beautyframe.blogspot.com/

Snowsmoon's Design http://snowsmoon-myworld.blogspot.com/

The Chronicles of Nani http://chroniclesofnani.blogspot.com/

TMA Designs http://themathematiciansassistant.com/

Simple Girl Designs http://simplegirldesigns.squarespace.com/

Snowraven's Cave Designs http://silversnowyraven.blogspot.com/

Laura Bozeman Designs http://www.kookaloo.com/

GSCreations http://gslcreations.blogspot.com/

Michelle Underwood designs http://thiscrazylife-michelle.blogspot.com/

FoxyDesigns http://foxydesigns.biz/

Designs by karyn http://designsbykaryn.blogspot.com/

CathyK Designs http://twoboyz00.blogspot.com/

Seacastle Graphics http://seacastlegraphics.blogspot.com/

Cyndi Wetmiller http://www.wetfishscraps.blogspot.com/

JIC Creations http://jiccreations.blogspot.com/

Kim Cameron http://blueridgemeadows.blogspot.com/

heidig designs http://heidigdigiscraps.blogspot.com/

Dranet http://dranet.blogspot.com/

Brand Beaver http://brandibeaver.blogspot.com/

hannah http://www.myblog.de/scraphannah

It'z A Neet Design http://www.itzaneetdesign.blogspot.com/

Carena's Designs http://www.carenasextravagance.blogspot.com/

Amanda Thorderson http://flamingo-amanda.blogspot.com/

KariQ Designs http://kariqdesigns.blogspot.com/

Mistica http://www.misticadesigns.blogspot.com/

Cara Mia Designz http://www.caramiadesignz.blogspot.com/

Twin Mom Scraps: http://twinmomscraps.blogspot.com/

Kris Myers Designs http://nwfotobug.blogspot.com/

Wow, that is a huge list which means this is a HUGE kit! So make sure you visit all the designers' blogs and download and leave them ALL some love!!!!

See ya,

Cyndi, Wetfish Designs

3 comments | Sunday, March 29, 2009

Get ready for Earth Day with Wetfish Designs!!!! I have a brand new "earthy" kit in my boutique just in time to start scrapping all those Earth Day and nature photos---"this is...OUR earth." And, as a bonus gift with purchase, you will receive my kit from Earth Day 2008, "this is...my earth" for FREE! All for the current sale price of $3.99!

Grab this awesome earthy duo here:

Here are a few layouts that I made from the not-yet-finished quickpage album for "this is...OUR earth." This will be a HUGE album and include quickpages from both of the kits....

Here is the preview for last year's Earth Day kit, "this is...my earth"

And this is just a layout I did when the kit came out....won't be a quickpage, just a little sample to show you the kit used in a layout.....

And here is the quickpage freebie for today.....created with my new "this is....OUR earth" kit. Click on the image to download and remember, personal use only and please say hi on 4shared when you download. Enjoy!

And today is my son's 4th birthday party. So I'm giving a 40% off coupon that is good on anything over $2 in my boutique. It expires April 15th. Hope you find something you like!

Link to my boutique:

And did you see the quickpage album that matches "Boys Just Want to Have FUN!"? Well it is brand new and on sale for $3.99---this album that coordinates with my new "Boys Just Want to Have FUN!" kit. Purchase both "Boys Just Want to Have FUN!" products and you can get them for $5 with this coupon code:
Expires March 31stGrab the quickpages here:

Have a great Sunday!!!
Cyndi, Wetfish Designs

7 comments | Sunday, March 22, 2009

I have another CU freebie for you today, this one from another series of overlays that will be in my store by April 1st. "Museum Overlays" is a series of overlays created from photographs I took at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh when I visited my family in January. From Monet to Egyptian art, there is a wide variety of art represented in these overlays. Some are abstract and some are realistic. You can do so many things with these overlays, so I'm excited to share this first freebie which is a duo of Egyptian art overlays.

And don't forget the "Tapestry" quartet I have on sale.....a $24 value for $8! Click on the PayPal button to purchase and I'll send an email with the download links to you asap.

And don't forget my new kit, "Boys Just Want to Have FUN!" is in my boutique and on sale for $3.99. I am still working on some quickpages to go with the kit and I'll have at least one quickpage for you guys that will be posted tonight or tomorrow...probably tomorrow as the sun i shining and the boys are itching to get outside!

You can grab this kit HERE in my boutique:

And here is the "Museum Overlays" freebie.....let's see what you guys can do with a little Egyptian art! Share your layouts or designs with me! I love to see what gets created with my stuff!!!! And please leave a comment either here or on 4shared. I read them and they keep the freebies and designs coming!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the freebie!



11 comments | Friday, March 20, 2009

Wow, it has been ages since I've blogged, posted a new kit or a freebie! Time sure does fly when you have two little ones to chase after! ? We had a wonderful trip to Florida to visit my husband's parents, grandparents and his Uncle's family and even though driving to Florida meant a total of almost 40 hours in the car, the boys were champs all around and it was a nice vacation spent with family, sun, sand and surf. Can't wait for next year!

Today I have a bunch of stuff to share---a new kit which I am excited about, a quartet of texture overlays that I am selling here on my blog at a reduced price before putting them in my store (times are tough if you know what I mean, so a designer has to do what she has to do to keep the chicken nuggets on the table), and a CU Freebie so you can test drive the "Tapestry" series of texture overlays. How does that sound? Let's get started...

Here are the four sets of textures that I am bundling together as a "quartet" (I like the way that sounds) of texture overlays. Included are four "Tapestry" sets with six overlays in each set, for a total of 24 overlays that are each unique in design and texture. List price for these is $6 a piece but until April 1st you can purhcase them here on my blog for $8. That is $2 per product, a savings of $4 off each overlay set. Click on the PayPal button to purchase and you will receive and email with download links from me shortly after I receive notification of payment via PayPal. I'm online a lot but not 24 hours a day, so be patient with me! I have a total of 12 sets completed and all 12 sets will be in my store the first week of April. So if you like these, make sure you be on the look out for the rest of the "Tapestry" series....

And I just finished a new kit, "Boys Just Want to Have FUN!" and put it in my store on sale for $3.99. This was a really fun kit to make because my boys picked the colors and I spent a lot of time making very unqiue, detailed elements.....I hope you like it!

You can grab this kit HERE in my boutique:

I'm going to try and make some quickpages with this kit tonight so that means that perhaps tomorrow I'll have a quickpage freebie for you, so make sure you stop back and see!

And the two mystery kits have now been unveiled "fresh" and "A Little Bit of Fun".......they are in my store an on sale for $3.99 each. I decided it was high time I made the previews for these two kits and put them in my boutique properly! But I'll do the mystery $1 kit again soon, I promise...

"fresh" can be found here:

I am working on more personal use scrapkits as I think my creativity has been tapped with all the CU stuff I've been working on that is yet to go into my store! So keep your eyes open for new stuff every week.

There is only one week left in March so that means time is running out for ALL of these deals:

Buy my store for $31.70! Includes everything in my store, EVERYTHING!!!! Even the new kit I put in today and everything I put in my boutique between now and April 15th. You will recieve a coupon with your download and you have until April 15th to use it to buy everything and anything you want in my store. This sale only includes products from my boutique. No other designers' boutiques are a part of this sale. So have fun! ***Coupons are not eligible to be used with this sale item as it is already an incredible savings. Thanks for understanding!

Grab this deal here:

And if you are on my email list, you get this deal for $17! To be eligible for this discount, send me an email and put "subscribe" in the subject line and I'll send you the coupon that CAN be used to reduce the price from $31.70 to $17.00! So get on my email list and get this coupon AND the "Friday Five" coupon for today that I send out every Friday! Here is my email address if you want to subscribe and start saving with Wetfish designs:

My two commercial use grab bags will also be out the door of the boutique April 1st....and they have been revealed on Strictly Revealed so go there and see what's in the bags and grab them before they are gone!

Grab "Shamrock Surpise #1" here:


Grab "Shamrock Surprise #2" here:


And all my BOGO items will be gone at the end of March, too.....this is a great way to save on some of my newest CU products! I'm not going to post them all here, but here is the first one---they all have this preview template so they are easily identified in my boutique. There are eight BOGO deals waiting for you!

Link to boutique:


And there are three "March Madness Spectacular Specials" that will be gone come April 1st, too.....here is the first one---just visit my boutique to see the rest:

And finally, if you've read this far you certainly deserve this freebie. It is a commercial use texture overlay that is a sample of my "Tapestry" overlays that I have on sale here on my blog today and up until April 1st. It is a 12x12 PNG overlay that is commercial okay, no credit required (but certainly nice to get!). Click on the image to download and remember, please send friends here to download--don't share the link--and leave a comment here on my blog and let me know what you think of the "Tapestry" freebie and new products.

Thanks for visiting me here today and I hope you find something you like, free or not free!


Cyndi, Wetfish Designs