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5 comments | Friday, September 26, 2008

Just a quick post to share a little something new from a series of new texture overlays I will be hiding in my commercial use grab bag next weekend! "A Textured Life" is a series of overlays I created using my own photographs of interesting textures I've come across in my travels. I've retired mostly all my texture overlays from my store to make room for new ones. It has been quite a while since I focused on anything other than overlays! So enjoy!

This is commercial use appropriate and comments are read and appreciated:

And don't you just love that new Divine Digital template? I love it! I will be using it from now on, so expect to see a lot of it!

October is going to be a busy month for me. Here is the rundown:

1. I am one three designers for the October Download a Day free kit at Divine Digital. Our kit is titled "Hook and Ladder" and it is all boy, all fire, all rescue themed. As always, I'll have blog editions on the days that I am the featured designer. Here is a sneak peek:

2. I have the Divine Diva Deal starting on October 16th and October 30th....suggestions for kit idea are welcome! Post a comment here on my blog with a theme you would like to see in one of my DDD kits!

3. As many of you know I'm now on the administration team for Divine Digital. I still don't know how to do a lot of things yet, but I'm eager to learn. Meanwhile, I'm getting the October Mega Kit previews done so the kit can go in the store by October 1st. Like pumpkins? You'll love this kit!

4. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month. As such, Divine Digital is going "Passionately Pink" and that will be the theme of our charity kit. And I am the lead on the charity kit organization, so that will keep me busy along with the "Passionately Pink Blog Party" that will take place throughout the month of October. We have a nice number of designers signed up and they will be blogging about what they are passionate about and share a freebie or two that coordinates with our charity kit, "Passionately Pink." So keep your eyes open for news of that real soon!

5. "Blog Me!" will go for a second month. Not sure what kit we are using, but we'll be blogging again, giving away quickpages for a fun kit yet to be determined. Interested in joining us? Sign up in this thread:


Signing off for the night so I can give my boys a bath and get ready to watch the debate. Have a great weekend!

Cyndi, Wetfish Designs

1 comments | Friday, September 12, 2008

Well, things are changing for the good at Divine Digital and that means more work for the designers so we can get our kits and products up to speed with the new website that is coming very soon. So, I spent so much time last night working in xcart that I thought I'd be nice to all my customers today and give them so combo deals....so here they are---enjoy!!!

AND---if you spend $60 in my store (i.e. purchase all three collections or just spend $60 on anything!) you will get $20 off your order with the coupon code megabucks (ignore the message about coupons not being allowed---this one is!)

Vintage Fall for It
16 CU Vintage Products for $30!

Floral Overlay Mega Collection
60 floral overlays for $15!

Overlay Mega Collection 2
60 Overlays for $15!

And here are some new products that I put in my store last few weeks....here is the link to my store to check all of them out:

My challenge at Divine Digital, "Blog Me," is off and running. Here is a list of the participants' blogs and some of the freebies you can snag right now. They are using my Halloween kit, "Spooky Fun," which is on sale right now in my store.

Link to the kit, "Spooky Fun"
Here are the bloggers/designers/divine digital members participating:


Today the freebies are not from me but from the Blog Me participants. They did such a great job on these brag pages, aren't they just adorable????
These are just the first of the "Spooky Fun" brag book pages that are out and more are on the way, including mine. Make sure you pick up all of them so you can easily scrap some of you Halloween fun this year. As new pages come out I will post them on here and on the Divine Digital blog.
Click on each image to get to the blog where it can be downloaded.....and make sure you leave some love when you do!

Thanks for checking things out here today and I hope you take advantage of some of the great deals I have just announced.



4 comments | Saturday, September 06, 2008

I have two "Buy One Get One" specials that will run until Wednesday, September 10th:

Personal Use Special:

Purchase my "Spookerific Special" (a huge value in itself) and get "this is....my earth" free.

This is a HUGE kit! It contains 53 papers and 83 elements! What a deal!

Link to kit:

Commercial Use Special:

Purchase the collaborative Harvest commercial use grab bag and get my new "French Country Overlays" free. Also, the other Cindy is giving a gift with purchase, too! You get her "Spiral Notebook Templates" free with purchase, too. Once I receive your invoice indicating purchase of the grab bag I will send you a coupon for the overlays and the notebook templates.

And our collaborative grab bag has been revealed, so go see what's "in the bag"

Now let me link you up:

Grab Bag:

Link to Overlays:

Link to Sprial Notebook Templates:

And last, but certainly not least, is the commercial use freebie I promised. This is a sampler from a set of overlays I am working on, "Round and Round." I used this overlay in my "Spooky Fun" kit so click on the picture of that paper to download your freebie. I included the paper for your personal use fun and it comes in PNG and PSD format, this time I sized it right at 12x12. For some reason my "spookerific" freebie overlay was 600x600 and no one said anything so when I went to use it I was shocked! I must not have had my brain in my head that day! This freebie is commercial use okay, no credit required but sometimes it is nice to see a credit out there.....

Have a GREAT weekend and make sure you visit my tomorrow for another commercial use freebie!

5 comments | Friday, September 05, 2008

What a week!!! I tell you, this has been one crazy week for a woman who said she was going to spend the month of September scrapping photos of her family! Boy, I didn't realize how much stuff I had to finish and load into my store. But that's okay, I put it all on sale to celebrate! That's right, just about everything in my store is 30-50% off. Including all my new stuff, except my collaborative commercial use grab bag with Cindy Ritter.....linked up below.

So, I don't have much time to chat on my blog today since it took me just about all day to get things done and get my boutique and grab bag ready for the big Divine Digital Grab Bag sale that is going on all weekend. If you haven't picked up a bag yet, it just started so what are you waiting for? There are some fantastic bags and I know I'm going to bring my paypal balance down a few notches this weekend!

Okay, here is all the new stuff. Not linking up all the images, just the grab bag. Otherwise visit my store to check out all the treats:


And at the bottom of all the previews is a fun vintage frame I put together for you today. It is personal use only and comprised of mostly all my vintage products. Click on it to download and say hi when you do......I'll have another vintage freebie tomorrow, so come on back...

Finally, here is the freebie! See you tomorrow!

2 comments | Monday, September 01, 2008

Just wanted to pop in and remind you that the clock is ticking towards midnight and after then these deals will be gone:

Here is the link to my store where you can pick up these deals:

And my friend Rebecca (a.k.a. kiden) has some great deals going on right now that I wanted to let you know about, since her deals in a way are my deals. Check out here store and her blog:

And check out the goodies.....

And here is the fun Commercial Use Okay freebie that I have for you tonight. I'll be putting out a full set of "Spookerific" Overlays shortly, and this is a sample for you as you start to get in the fall/Halloween spirit. I've uploaded it in PNG and layered PSD format. Click on the image to download and say hi when you do......

Have a great week and I'll be back later in the week with new product releases and samples for you. So see you then!